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What you need to know about false roof tiles (Part 2)

What should I pay attention to in order to use fake tile effectively?

In order to select, install, and use the fake corrugated iron roof effectively, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Exactly calculate the area of ​​the roof to be roofed

You need to accurately measure the area of ​​​​the roof to be roofed, the dimensions of the roof dimensions and the slope. The slope of the roof will be determined by the distance between the highest point and the highest point of the roof. Then, based on the length, width, roof area, and slope to order materials for standards, avoid buying too little or too much, causing waste. If you hire a full-service corrugated iron roofing service, the construction unit will help you measure, calculate the total cost as well as make a specific corrugated iron roof project estimate.

Buy genuine, quality corrugated iron

The next step after knowing the exact area of ​​the roof to be covered is to choose a good quality corrugated iron tile that is suitable in terms of features and cost. In fact, the use of poor quality roofing will lead to the roof quickly degraded, rusted, permeable, and unsightly. Accordingly, the homeowner will be costly to replace after a short time of use.

So, when choosing to buy fake corrugated iron, you should pay attention to buy corrugated iron at genuine dealers, corrugated iron must have full stamps, warranty card with terms and conditions. Warranty commitment from the manufacturer is clear and transparent.

Những điều cần biết về tôn giả ngói (Phần 2)

In terms of color, in addition to the color of the traditional tile roof, the corrugated iron tile also has many other colors such as crimson, moss green, blue, mouse gray, dark gray , charcoal green, brown, orange… You should choose a color tone that is suitable for the overall design style of the building, in harmony with the landscape, and in line with the owner’s destiny.

Prepare all necessary tools and accessories

In addition to buying quality corrugated iron at the right price, you should also calculate and prepare the necessary tools, materials and accessories in the process. construction processes such as moldings, gutters, metal cutting equipment, screwdrivers, drills, screws, roof nails, corrugated iron roof storm…

Roofing with fake corrugated iron according to the right process

To achieve maximum durability as well as aesthetics for the roof, roofing should be done correctly and fully. This will be done by a team of professionals. However, you should also understand the basic steps to monitor and supervise the construction process.

Before constructing the fake corrugated iron roof, it is necessary to accurately measure the roof area

The most standard and effective process of roofing false corrugated iron roof is as follows:

Step 1: Install the borders

Frills and eaves are metal bands used to enclose the entire perimeter of the roof. Workers will use roof nails to fix it to the roof. It is recommended to overlap the edges of the water trough (if any) to allow water to flow into it.

Step 2: Install the roofing sheets

Start installation from the top of the top and then to the edge of the roof. It is advisable to keep the roofing sheet first and place it on the roof so that the edge protrudes at least about 19mm. Then, use the head screw with neoprene washer to fix the corrugated iron. Distance between screws is about 30cm.

Continue to place another shingle, making sure that the edges of the shingle overlap at least 25mm or as required by the roofing design. Continue in this way until the roof is completely covered. If sealing material is deemed necessary, place a bead of 100% silicone or silicone sealant before placing the sheet down, the beads are close to the edges of the bottom sheet, providing a stronger bond.

Những điều cần biết về tôn giả ngói (Phần 2)

The top plate overlaps the bottom plate by 5-20cm, neither too thick nor too thin. The wave on the right side is half-wave on the left side plate for optimal aesthetics.

Step 3: Install the joint covers

The use of joint covers to ensure that the corrugated iron roof does not leak. The joint cover can be bent into a V shape to fit the roof. Depending on the joint width, you will use one or two rows of screws.

Step 4: Complete installation

Make sure that the roofing material covers the entire roof. All edges are smooth and finished, screws are fastened. Remove all remaining roofing pieces and screws.

After construction, you need to thoroughly clean the corrugated iron roof, otherwise the iron filings when screwing the screws and other wastes will cause rust on the roof, affecting the aesthetics. and time to use corrugated iron and tile. At the same time, check and recheck all screw positions and connections of the corrugated iron roof with the roof frame.

Những điều cần biết về tôn giả ngói (Phần 2)

Note: When installing roof corrugated plastic imitation tile, you also should pay attention to feng shui factors and taboos when building a roof to avoid possible risks.

Finally, you should also note a few important things in the process of using corrugated iron sheets to keep your roof durable:

The corrugated iron roof should be cleaned regularly by flushing the roof periodically at least once every 6 months

Do not use highly corrosive cleaning solutions or solvents such as turpentine, kerosene, gasoline, to clean the roofing surface because it will cause Discoloration of corrugated iron, corroded panels.

With an insulated corrugated iron roof, you absolutely must not place heat sources that can cause fire near the PU layer of the roofing sheet such as stoves, electrical outlets, petrol…< /span>


The above is the basic information related to tile imitation. You can refer to this material to better understand before choosing roofing for your house. If you are in need of installing a corrugated iron roof for your house, please contact immediately Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company ( Green BM) okay. We promise:

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