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Shipping Instructions


  1. Green Materials Import-Export Investment Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as GREEN BM) will deliver goods to you according to orders by phone (via Zalo) or via Email We guarantee to deliver the goods in sufficient quantity and type to the means of transport (trains, passenger cars, freight cars…) within 48 hours (02 days) to 120 hours (05 days) from the date of receipt. the order. In case there are special problems during transportation, we will notify you as soon as possible to solve together.
  2. The delivery and receipt of goods must be shown by delivery note, stock release note between the designated representatives of the two parties at the time of delivery. delivery.
  3. GREEN BM will issue a VAT invoice to you for each shipment, the invoice is delivered to the person you designate.< /span>
  4. Ownership over the goods will be transferred to you from the time of signing for receipt on the Delivery Note issued by GREEN BM .
  5. In the event that you place an order but do not receive the goods, you will have to pay GREEN BM for all costs related to the delivery of goods to and from.
  6. Right at the time of receiving the goods, you must check all the goods that we have delivered. If there is an error, it must be immediately reported to GREEN BM for a timely solution. If you have no questions and confirm receipt of goods with the carrier, GREEN BM will not be responsible for any complaints arising related to the product.


  1. Goods are delivered at the address specified by you, ensuring convenience for transportation and loading and unloading.< /span>
  2. GREEN BM is responsible for gathering goods at the Factory, or at the bus station or pier to transfer to the receiving location set by the customer. specify.
  3. In case you are responsible for transporting the goods, GREEN BM is only responsible for gathering and loading the goods onto the vehicle at the factory. .


  1. GREEN BM is responsible for and pays the cost of loading and unloading the goods on the means of transport at the Factory or Warehouse;
  2. You are responsible for and pay the costs of Shipping and Unloading from the means of transport to the Pickup Location.</ span>
  3. Special cases will follow the agreement between the two parties and each Order).

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