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Technical guide to tile roofing construction according to standards

Today, the architecture of large or small projects not only requires durability and quality, but also factors roofing technique tile is equally important. Join GREEN BM to learn about today’s popular roofing techniques and how to classify roof tiles in detail.

Classify roof tiles

The roof tiles are divided into different types. Here are some common types of roof tiles used in construction:

Concrete corrugated tile 

This is probably the type of concrete tile chosen by the vast majority of construction architects for projects because of its quality and stable price. In addition, with this type of tile, it can be constructed in all different categories.

Fuji tile (in Japan) 

Japan is famous as a country with high quality, prestigious and durable products manufactured with advanced technology. The price of Fuji tile on the market ranges from 800,000/m2.

SCG tile (in Thailand) 

SCG tile factory is located in Taiwan but the head office is in Thailand. The price is lower than that of Fuji tile around 700,000/m2.

Tile Prime (in Vietnam)

On the market today, Prime tiles are divided into many different types, mainly: 1 wave, 2 wave, fringe, cow, fork 3. In particular, specializes in providing the market with high quality enamels.

Dong Tam Tile (in Vietnam)

Perhaps customers in the construction world are no longer strange to Dong Tam tile brand in Vietnam. This type of tile is produced from cement and sand through Italian technology.

Tile expensive 

A traditional terracotta tile that engineers often use for classical buildings.

  • Normal weight 2kg/tablet.
  • Available in color types: red, blue, brown.
  • Material: fired clay, enameled.

Tile of curtains, tiles, fish scales

All made of terracotta tiles. You will see these tiles in old houses. In particular, curtain and mat tiles are lined inside the house.

Antique comedy nose tile 

In temples and churches, houses with 3 – 5 compartments often use ancient comedy-nose tiles.

Yin and yang tile 

When in Hoi An ancient town, you will come across yin and yang tiles. This type of tile brings cool feeling to buildings and comfort to people.

This is the image description

Tile roof construction technique

Generally Thai roof tile technique, Fuji tile roofing technique, fish scale tile roofing technique, fish scale tile roofing technique, color tile roofing technique, technical roofing plastic corrugated imitation tile, tile roofing technique does not have too many problems must be sure to follow the steps below: 

  • First: Start with a row of tiles at the bottom first, then from the bottom to the top and from the left to the right.
  • Next: You need to make sure the first tile is about 30mm from the hip point.
  • Then: Next, please take the two-way perpendicular to both the pink fringe and the first row of tiles.
  • Finally: Each tile on average will be connected to a lito bar with a dedicated screw firmly.< /li>

Special note: For areas with strong winds, heavy rain, bad weather effects. You should divide the lito distance smaller than normal. This action ensures that the roof drains faster and covers more than 2 rows of tiles.

Tile roofing process

The roof tile specification needs to follow the steps below: 

Know the slope of the roof

You need to understand and understand that the roof slope is at least 17 degrees and maximum 90 degrees. The slope is defined as the standard when lying at 30-35 degrees. With the above parameters, when the weather is bad like heavy rain, the new water can drain quickly and promptly without stagnation on the roof. If the parameters do not meet the above standards, the opposite effect will be observed.

Specifies the span of the roof and the roof plane 

The standard spacing of sesame seeds is 34.5cm for the first row of sesame and 4 to 6cm for the 2 rows of sesame at the top of the roof. Note, for the middle sesame bars, each bar has a distance of 32 – 34cm and must not exceed the threshold of 34cm.

At the same time, you need to pay attention to the plane of the roof that needs to be perpendicular. Sesame bars have a difference of <+_ 5mm.

Main tile roof 

During the roofing process, the order should be followed and goes from left to right. The first tile has a distance of 3cm from the outer edge of the sideboard.

Roof and edge tile roofing 

  • Note, the last tile is tiled first
  • 1 edge tile must be close to the 3x6cm sideboard or iron box. The other edge hugs the main tile. The top of the roof tiles is close to the tails of the roof tiles above.
  • Use a 3x6m box iron with 2 6m steel screws to fix the edge tile to the side plank.</ li>
  • Installation of roof tiles with CPAC Monie grouting system.
  • The grout circuit must be even and about 2.5cm high from the main tile.
  • Install the roof tiles in a straight line, close to each other to provide stability and also provide aesthetic for the house.