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Environmentally friendly, energy-saving building materials

In construction activities, using energy-saving and environment-friendly materials not only saves investors a great deal of money, but also helps to reduce electricity consumption for cooling and reduce gas emissions. CO2. Here are 5 eco-friendly and energy-saving building materials.

1. Eco-friendly paint

Chemical paints with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in buildings can have harmful effects on people and the environment. Eco-friendly paint with low VOC content will limit these harmful effects.

2. Eco-friendly insulation

Currently, there are many construction materials that are not harmful to the environment, such as some: Torn Tile Plastic X anh, polyurethane rigid foam insulation material. .

Những vật liệu xây dựng thân thiện môi trường, tiết kiệm năng lượng

3. Solar panel and solar foil

Solar panels placed on the roofs of buildings can supply electricity to all or part of the building. It becomes an effective energy-saving material. Besides solar panels, solar foil can also be used to cover walls, serving energy purposes.

Những Vật Liệu Xây Dựng thân thiện môi trường, tiết kiệm năng lượng

4. Energy saving lights 

Newly constructed buildings now mostly use energy-saving lamps such as LEDs for lighting and decoration. LEDs helps save electricity more effectively and is more friendly than traditional light bulbs.