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Does corrugated iron roof require permission or not?

Does the corrugated iron roof require a permit or is it entirely self-contained? Builders often worry about building permits. To carry out the project to ensure the best regulations. In the case of corrugated iron roofing is not so important, but do you need a building permit?

Do I have to ask for permission to have a corrugated iron roof?

Corrugated iron roofs are used quite a lot nowadays in Vietnam. Because of its applicability, it brings many benefits to long-term construction. Provides extremely durable shielding effect. However, there are many opinions that even when building a corrugated iron roof, you must ask for permission to do so. Is that true or not? Actually this answer depends on different cases.

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Some works will need to apply for permission and conversely, some works will not need to do this. To make customers feel more secure, we invite you to consult the Construction Law as follows:

Based on Article 89 issued by the Construction Code in 2014, the types of works that do not require a specific construction permit such as:

The State works have orders to be built urgently and it will not be allowed to publish drawings and designs.

  • Works under the projects of State leaders such as the Prime Minister and Ministers of branches and agencies equivalent to Ministries or chairpersons of People’s Committees at all levels.
  • Small-scale construction works, temporarily built for the wrong purpose.
  • Construction works under projects of industrial parks, high-tech parks and export processing zones.
  • Construction works according to plan at out-of-urban routes.
  • Buildings built with the main nature of renovation or repair. However, it is not allowed to change the structure and bearing capacity will be allowed to proceed with construction.

Thus, with corrugated iron roofing works, the main purpose of which is to prevent heat, making the eaves belongs to the category of repair and upgrade works inside. So you don’t need a building permit. Your project is only built on a small scale, so there is no need to ask for permission before implementation.

You can refer to the specific law for peace of mind during the construction process! You should take advantage of the time to create the best conditions for the construction problem to take place more quickly and on schedule.

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Construction works requiring permits

If the corrugated iron roofing is in the following areas, you must apply for a construction permit. Due process of construction will go more efficiently, without the hassle of regulatory permits.

  • Your repair may affect the general construction of the house and change its bearing capacity. That can have more impact on the surrounding environment.
  •  New construction completely requires a permit.

If your construction work is in the categories listed above, you should quickly prepare the procedures to be able to apply for a permit! If you do not apply for a permit, the work will be fined and banned from construction.

What are the consequences of roofing without permission?

It is imperative to stop the work and remove all the roofed parts. After that, you are also responsible for all acts and compensation for the work.

If the case refuses to dismantle but continues to build, it may be coerced and not bear all the problems arising in the forced demolition. The fine can be from 10 to 15 million VND according to the provisions at point b, clause 6, Article 13 of Decree 121/2013/ND-CP of the Government.

So you should carefully learn the necessary information to avoid damage and compensation. Besides, it takes time to dismantle and rebuild.

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What documents are required to apply for a home improvement permit?

If you already know the correct answer to the question, do you have to ask for permission to have a corrugated iron roof? Now should consider the issue of what to prepare to complete the procedure for applying for home improvement to the fullest. For roofing works that can change the structure of the house and bearing capacity, it is necessary to apply for a permit procedure. You need to prepare the following documents:

  • Inspection records and drawings of housing repair permits.
  • Attach a certificate of ownership of the work or project you need to build.
  • Prepare the registration fee and a written commitment to the construction that will not cause harm to the environment and others.
  • You can send this application to the People’s Committee of the District or district so that after 20 days of review, the license will be provided. You will then submit this permit to the ward or commune where you live to perform the work.


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