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Application of Eco-Plastic technology

ASA/PVC roof tiles are made from ASA/PVC (Eco-Plastic) and have been used in the Construction industry to help reduce costs during the construction process, recover capital faster, and create a friendly environment. for users: better indoor air quality, optimizing the comfort of all functions in the building. ASA/PVC plastic corrugated iron is the optimal choice in construction projects.

Properties of ASA/PVC plastic corrugated iron :

PVC corrugated iron is made from a modern, closed production process that meets international standards, so it has many useful and unique features. These include the following main features:

+ Constructed by the main component is PVC, so it has all the properties of this high-grade plastic. The manufacturer has used high-strength engineering plastics to protect the corrugated board from the harsh elements of weather and chemical corrosion.

The surface of the corrugated iron sheets is designed and added with special compounds to help them stay shiny and smooth, they are self-cleaning, waterproof and very easy to clean.

+ The insulation performance of ASA/PVC corrugated iron and tile is many times superior to other similar products. Along with its non-conductive properties, PVC corrugated iron is very safe to use.

+ The durability of plastic corrugated board is very high. Excellent shock resistance. According to research, ASA/PVC corrugated iron can withstand very high impact strength. They will not be affected by earthquakes as well as hurricanes, level 12 hurricanes.

+ The installation method of these corrugated iron sheets is very simple and it is also very easy to assemble the corrugated iron panels quickly and accurately.

+ They are environmentally friendly, saving materials for construction and production. They do not contain any harmful substances for humans and pets

+ Color fastness comes with years. They have an amazing color retention ability, and the like-new color fastness of proven PVC corrugated iron can last for decades. The manufacturer also guarantees the durability of pvc sheets up to 3 decades.

Applications of plastic corrugated iron

With reasonable price and low installation cost, along with preeminent features, PVC corrugated iron is increasingly being applied in many different large and small projects:

+ In daily life: This is the most common application of PVC corrugated iron. The vast majority of families today use PVC corrugated iron to roof houses, gardens or livestock barns…

+ In industry: With properties of high durability, good impact resistance, color fastness, fire resistance, anti-oxidation, ASA plastic sheet is constructed for many factories, factory buildings, industrial parks. .

+ In the restaurant and hotel industry: PVC corrugated iron is very popular with restaurants, hotels, resorts and resorts. Not only because of their aesthetics but also because of their excellent soundproofing ability.

Some pictures of projects using ASA/PVC plastic corrugated iron and tiles of GREEN MATERIALS IMPORT-EXPORT INVESTMENT JSC

Cua Bien, Dong Anh – Quang Tri

Military Zone 7 Guest House – Can Tho

Housing – Quang Tri

Hanwha Life – Dong Thap

Thien An Pagoda – Dong Thap

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