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Why are corrugated iron sheets wavy?

Why are corrugated iron sheets wavy? What benefit does this design bring to this material? Corrugated roofing sheets are often supplied by many manufacturers to the consumer market. With a special design feature, many people can’t help but wonder why it is designed with a wave shape and not another design. See the next post now!

Cause of corrugated iron roof?

The use of roofing sheets is to protect buildings from outside influences. Therefore, it seems that any large or small construction project needs this material. Depending on technical factors, each type of corrugated iron will be measured by the production unit with different dimensions.

tộn dạng lượn sóng

The thickness of corrugated iron will be calculated in zem, the higher the zem, the thicker and more durable. The thickness of large corrugated iron is normally from 2 to 5 zem. The reason the corrugated iron roof is designed in a wavy form is because:

Ensure mechanical properties

According to experts, the design of the corrugated iron in the wavy direction will help the corrugated iron to increase its ability to withstand better forces than the straight corrugated iron. The wavy design also helps this material avoid noise and limit the impact of rain, wind, and heat of the weather.

Ensuring thermodynamic properties

Corrugated iron is a material that is directly affected by wind and rain and other external conditions. If the weather is hot and the temperature is high, the corrugated iron will expand. With straight-form corrugated iron, when expanding, it does not meet the area requirements, it will easily cause the corrugated iron to crack. And the screw that is easy to unscrew cannot be fixed. Meanwhile, if you use corrugated iron, it creates a good expansion space and does not make the screw part easy to blow out.


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What is the structure of the corrugated iron roof?

It has a waveform structure and is divided into 3 main parts: Including the frame, the glue and the roofing sheet and the attached screw system. The specific structure details are as follows:

Frame system: The largest load-bearing part of the buildings to ensure better strength and bearing capacity in complex weather conditions.

The roof truss and corrugated iron section: This detail will be determined by the contractor in detail depending on the needs of use. In which to limit complicated weather conditions that can affect the quality of steel. Many people apply ecological corrugated iron for more effective shielding.

Fasteners: Priority screws choose chromium-plated stainless steel to support the corrugated iron roof fixed on the ceiling. With the advantage of high hardness, resistance to rust. Helps sturdy corrugated iron roof products to be less susceptible to rainwater infiltration.

The most popular types of corrugated iron roofing sheets today

Imitation tile roofing: This type of corrugated iron is designed with western tile style and is suitable for houses with large slopes designed in the style of villas. This corrugated iron roof has the advantage of reducing the load on the frame compared to other conventional products.

Cold corrugated iron: The type of corrugated iron that can reflect sunlight because it is made of aluminum and zinc. Not only that, cold corrugated iron is also capable of effectively resisting corrosion.

Lighting panels: Products not only save electric light for homeowners thanks to good natural light reflection. Suitable for insulation, soundproofing, limiting oxidation and corrosion in environments with a lot of alkalis and acids.

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Why is corrugated iron more popular than traditional corrugated iron?

Although the wavy design is quite novel, the effect it brings back many reviews positive from the user side. The first is resistance to impact and deformation due to weather influences. On the other hand, it also reduces noise and has extremely low heat transfer. Compared with the traditional corrugated iron roof, which is quite hot and easy to dissipate heat, the aesthetics are also worse than that of corrugated iron.

Corrugated iron has a beautiful design and high aesthetics. Suitable for many types of construction projects. Thanks to its superior features, it has a durability of more than 20 years, does not rust over time.

Corrugated corrugated board is made of synthetic resin, so it is easy to move. And do the installation. Products are environmentally friendly, safe for health even in areas of high temperature and extreme weather.


Above is the information to help you answer the question why why are the roofing sheets wavy? Hopefully if you are intending to look for corrugated iron for environmentally friendly and modern housing projects. Do not forget to contact our company for detailed support.

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