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Which type of green roofing should you choose?

Green Roofing Plastic Sheet is a construction material that has received a lot of attention from construction owners recently. The reason this product is chosen so much is because of the outstanding advantages it brings. Some advantages of this product such as: bearing capacity, heat resistance, good UV resistance, … durability and extremely long life. If you have many questions about this product, please join us to learn more about them right in the article below.

What is a green roof sheet?

Green plastic roofing sheet is a building material used for roofing for buildings from civil to industrial projects. The product is made from the synthesis of polymers and carbonate groups. In addition, this product has a blue color, so the light that passes through creates an extremely pleasant cool blue light.

tấm nhựa lợp mái xanh

Features of green plastic roofing sheets

Because they are created by special technology, they have outstanding features such as:

  • Resistance to heat, heat resistance up to 96%.
  • UV protection up to 98%.
  • Noise resistance up to 60dB.
  • Extremely durable, able to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • The lifespan of green plastic roofing sheets is up to tens of years.
  • Affordable price, suitable for many users.
  • There are many types of products for customers to choose from.
  • Absolute waterproof and leakproof ability if installed correctly.
  • Light weight so it’s easy to transport, install.
  • Can be flexible in cutting and shaping,…

Application of green plastic roofing sheet

This product has many outstanding features, and is much better than other products of the same type, so they are used in most large and small projects such as:

  • Corporate roofing.
  • Cover the skylight.
  • Stadium roof.
  • Swimming pool cover.
  • garage canopy.
  • Bus stop canopy.
  • Cover the mall corridor.
  • Roof for factories, especially food processing factories.
  • Roofs for barns.
  • Roofs for farms,…

What kinds of green plastic roofing sheets are there?

To divide green plastic roofing sheets, you can rely on the structure and shape of each product. As follows:

In terms of structure

In terms of structure, green plastic roofing sheets have 2 types: solid and hollow:

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Intestinal solid form

This product is made by a combination of 90% man-made resin along with other resins and some additives. This product has the same effect as glass but is 20 times lighter than glass. The product itself still has the most characteristic features in this product line.

Empty form

These are products designed with an inner hollow structure with many overlapping layers. The purpose of overlapping the layers is to increase the insulation capacity, but the other characteristics remain the same. This product is much lighter in weight than the solid product.

In terms of shape


This green plastic roofing sheet has waveforms with different wavelengths such as: 5-6-7-9-11,… wave. This design helps to reduce the impact of rainwater on the roof. This can increase the life of the product. At the same time, with designs suitable for this corrugated green plastic sheet, it will increase the aesthetics.

tấm nhựa lợp mái xanh mua ở đâu

flat shape

This type also has the advantages mentioned above. However, with its flat design, the product is capable of cleaning itself up after a rain. This helps homeowners optimize maintenance, repair or replacement costs. In addition, this product is extremely aesthetic and they are often used to make awnings, garage roofs, pool roofs, domes, etc. The product is extremely versatile in cutting and shaping. very commonly used.


Above is the most detailed information about green plastic roofing sheets. Hopefully with this information, you have gained for yourself the most specific understanding about the product. From there, you can choose the right product for your project.

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