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What is thin sheet corrugated iron? Common types of thin sheet corrugated iron

What is corrugated iron? What are the advantages and applications of this building material, do you know yet? Thin sheet metal is currently being sold a lot in the market because of its outstanding advantages, affordable price and extremely durable quality. Join us to learn about this type of corrugated iron and decide whether to buy this product for your project.

What is corrugated iron?

Thin corrugated iron, also known as corrugated iron, corrugated iron, coiled steel sheet, plain steel sheet,… This is a material made from metal, which is thinly rolled and extremely light. They are used depending on the purpose of the owner of the project. This type of corrugated iron is easy to cut, shape, transport as well as install.

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Specification of thin sheet corrugated iron

This product has the same specifications as other types of corrugated iron. The width of corrugated iron sheet is 1200mm and the thickness is from 0.2-0.3mm. This type of corrugated iron is painted with one layer on the outside with colors such as white, blue, red, …

Striking features of thin sheet corrugated iron

This product is used a lot in civil works because of the following advantages:

  • The price is very cheap, so the cost for the owner is minimized.
  • Light weight so it’s easy to transport, install or maintain.
  • High durability, lifespan up to decades.
  • Pretty good bearing capacity.
  • Good noise resistance.
  • Protects against harmful UV rays that are harmful to human health and pets.
  • Very good fire and explosion resistance.
  • Good electrical insulation.
  • Multiple colors should have high aesthetics.
  • Stable heat resistance, heat resistance.
  • Limits warping.
  • Easy to cut and shape.
  • Produced by the most modern and advanced technology lines in the world,…

Because of these outstanding advantages, this product is widely used in construction. All large and small projects, from civil works to industrial projects, can use this product.

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Application of corrugated iron in construction

With the above-mentioned outstanding features, corrugated iron products are applied in projects such as:

  • Thin sheet corrugated iron is used as a partition to block sound and prevent noise for space.
  • This product is used for billboard lining to fix billboards and prevent billboards from corroding.
  • Thin sheets are used as roof panels to effectively resist heat.
  • This product can also be used to make roofs, shelters from rain and sun.
  • The corrugated iron can be used as a barn to save costs.
  • Another application of this product is as a roof for buggies and tricycles.
  • They are also used to cover the kitchen attic to reduce dust.
  • This product is used as a material for cabinets, utensils,…

What is corrugated iron: Basic types of corrugated iron

Currently, on the market, there are two types of thin sheets most commonly used. It is galvanized sheet metal and rolled sheet metal. Depending on the purpose of use, the owner of the project will choose the most suitable type of corrugated iron for his project. As follows:

Galvanized sheet metal

This is a type of metal corrugated iron coated with a layer of zinc. This zinc layer is coated during the hot dipping of the product. They are 2-sided with 0.1-0.15 microphones. The corrosion resistance of the product is very high. In addition, the product is also self-cleaning, reducing maintenance and repair costs.

The product is light in weight, so it is easy to construct and install. Very good explosion resistance due to an electrostatic zinc coating.

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Silver of rolled leaves

This product also has the same characteristics as galvanized sheet metal. However, the electrical insulation is lower due to the absence of zinc coating. The product is light in weight, rolled into a roll, so it is easy to move. The variety of colors gives the building owner the freedom to choose the product that best suits his or her project.


Thin sheet corrugated iron is not a new product on the market, however, many people still do not know this term. Above is all the most detailed information about this product. We hope that, with this information. You will have certain knowledge about corrugated iron sheet so that you can choose the most suitable product for your project.

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