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What is mineral fiber ceiling? Advantages and disadvantages of mineral fiber ceilings

What is mineral fiber ceiling? Mineral fiber ceiling is currently considered a specialized material for installation at the ceiling position. Materials are often used by many contractors for decoration. And support sound insulation, sound absorption and anti-resistance as well as the best electrical insulation. In this article, our company will introduce you to the structural characteristics and advantages of this material in more detail.

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What is mineral fiber ceiling?

Mineral fiber ceiling panels are composed of many different materials. Widely used in the field of ceiling decoration next to the gypsum board part. Mineral fiber ceiling panels have the main structure:

Bio-soluble mineral wool and volcanic rock with starch and clay. Finally, there are compounds with the function of decomposing harmful substances of the environment. In addition, the mineral fiber ceiling also has a structure including a supporting frame. And install with lighting system to bring the space with full light modern.

Mineral fiber ceiling panels have basic standard sizes: 600x600mm; 600×1200 mm; 1200×1200 mm. Before purchasing the product, users should note the exact size of the material and whether it is suitable for the space to be constructed. Avoid buying the wrong size, leading to the phenomenon of ceiling panels not matching the plaster.

What are the advantages of mineral fiber ceiling panels?

Mineral fiber has good sound absorption, so it provides a clear and quiet sound, helping you to focus on working better. The moisture resistance of mineral fiber ceiling panels is up to 99%.

High level of resistance, capable of limiting sparks from 2 to 4 hours. It is also resistant to insect invasion. Prevents the absorption of substances that cause odors and especially provides the ability to kill bacteria.

The purpose is to prevent the spread of germs, contributing to the protection of safe air for an asbestos-free environment. Mineral fiber ceiling panels are easy to clean and easy to install.

What are the disadvantages of mineral fiber ceiling panels?

One of the disadvantages of mineral fibers is that it is hydrophobic, causing hydrated yellowing. Therefore, when installing mineral fiber ceiling panels, you should pay attention to check the roof carefully to avoid water leakage.

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In what cases are mineral fiber ceiling panels used?

Thanks to the preeminent features, mineral fiber ceiling panels are used in many different cases. Among them, mineral fiber ceiling panels appear most commonly in many office buildings and recording studio ceilings. And the ceiling of cinemas, commercial centers and many showrooms,…

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Some famous brands of mineral fiber ceiling today

In Vietnam, there is no shortage of units specializing in providing diverse mineral fiber ceilings with different prices. However, if users do not have the experience to choose and buy the right product. It is more difficult and takes more time to adjust and fix errors in product size or material. The company provides plastic corrugated iron would like to introduce to you some of the mineral fiber ceiling panels trusted by consumers think and appreciate the current quality.

  • AMF mineral fiber ceiling panel brand, sourced origin from Germany.
  • A brand of Armstrong mineral fiber ceiling panels, originating in the US.
  • USG mineral fiber ceiling panel brand, originating in the US.
  • Daiken mineral fiber ceiling panel brand, originating from Japan.


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