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Ways to choose roofing sheets for light in the kitchen

Lighting roof for the kitchen is a product that is receiving a lot of attention from construction owners in recent times. This product not only has the outstanding advantages of a roofing material, but also helps homeowners save a lot of costs such as maintenance costs, repair costs, installation costs, electricity costs, etc. .. Let’s learn about this light roofing product below.

Which is the best type of roofing sheet for the kitchen?

The light-absorbing plastic sheet has high durability, good natural light ability, is relatively light, and is quite cheap. Therefore, it is widely used for different large and small projects. One location where this product is often used to light up the kitchen.

There are many types of roofing sheets on the market, however, poly sheets are preferred and most commonly used. If you are not sure what product to choose for your kitchen, try using transparent poly roofing sheets.

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Advantages of poly shingles for kitchens

It is not natural that poly roofing sheets are used so much, it is because of the outstanding advantages of this product. Find out about those advantages below.

  • Poly roofing sheets have the ability to penetrate light up to 92%. From there, you can take advantage of natural light sources. And save a sizable amount of electricity every year.
  • The ability to resist UV rays is up to 97%, thereby preventing the negative impact of UV rays on the human body, reducing the possibility of dangerous diseases about skin.
  • The heat resistance is up to 95%, so the space in your kitchen is always much more comfortable than outdoors.
  • Fireproof your kitchen because this product is made up of insulating and heat-insulating materials. Therefore, when using poly light roofing sheets, it will limit the possibility of fire and explosion, creating a safer feeling for users.
  • The bearing capacity is up to 130 times better than tempered glass. Therefore, the product will help your kitchen roof withstand the harshest weather in Vietnam such as: rain, storm, hail, wind, thunderstorm,…
  • High product durability and long service life, can be up to several decades. Thus, reducing maintenance and repair costs for homeowners.

Advantages of poly light roofing

  • Excellent noise cancellation with 60dB blocking, so every time it rains, you will feel more comfortable when the sound of the rain is significantly reduced.
  • Light weight should save money for homeowners during transportation and installation.
  • Easy construction and installation by simple steel frame structure. The product is light in weight and capable of heat bending, cold bending and simple forming.
  • The product is easy to cut and shape.
  • The self-cleaning ability is quite good, every time it rains. Your roofing will be like new again with a smooth, shiny surface…

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Where should I buy a roofing sheet?

Currently, there are many units providing light roofing sheets on the market. However, not all addresses are reliable for you to put your full trust. Be a smart consumer and choose the most reputable and quality product suppliers.

Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company (GREEN BM) is one of the leading addresses providing all kinds of plastic corrugated iron quality and construction works in Ho Chi Minh City.

We are very proud and honored to cooperate with many large and small partners everywhere and contribute to the success of leading projects in Vietnam.

Our products are highly appreciated by customers for their good quality. Besides. We also have own a team of experienced and dedicated technical staff and modern equipment to serve the construction of the project. Coming to GREEN BM, we are committed to bringing satisfaction to all customers.

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Commitment to customers when buying products at GREEN BM

Some commitments when you use GREEN BM’s products and services are as follows:

  • Quality products and services as described.
  • Customers will receive free, dedicated advice.
  • Always on time, doesn’t waste customers’ time.
  • The price of the product is suitable.
  • Warranty, attractive offers.
  • No surcharges of any kind.


The above is the most detailed information about the light roofing for the kitchen. Hopefully this information will help you in the process of choosing kitchen roofing sheets. Hope you can choose to buy the products you like. If you have any questions about this product, please contact us for advice.

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