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cong trinh nha ven bien vung tau

In Vietnam, there are 28 coastal provinces and 12 island districts. In addition to receiving fresh air and large land, coastal projects in our country every year have to receive great corrosion from sea vapor. Roofing in coastal areas uses: steel corrugated iron, zinc corrugated iron, ruby tile, so it leads to frequent rust and decay, which affects the efficiency of the work.

Seaside House in Binh Chau – Vung Tau has used PVC/ASA Plastic Tile of Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) to prevent roof corrosion caused by sea steam.

Công Trình Nhà Ven Biển - Vũng Tàu

In addition to resisting corrosion caused by sea vapor at the coast of Vung Tau, PVC / ASA Plastic Tiles also help the project to resist common corrosive substances such as chemicals, acids, dirt…

Công Trình Nhà Ven Biển - Vũng Tàu

In the hot season, suburban houses need coolness when cooking as well as resting, so PVC/ASA Tile can lower the temperature from 6-8 degrees Celsius.

Công Trình Nhà Ven Biển - Vũng Tàu

In the rainy season, the roof needs soundproofing when it comes in contact with rain water, so when choosing Green BM PVC/ASA Plastic Tile, the roof will reduce noise up to 80%.

Công Trình Nhà Ven Biển - Vũng Tàu

Difference of PVC/ASA Plastic Tile compared to other roofing types:

Corrosion-resistant, anti-rust PVC/ASA Plastic Tile.

In factories, industrial buildings, residential houses in coastal areas, exposure to chemicals, sea vapor, rain water… for a long time will lead to corrosion if you use ordinary steel sheet. Constructed of 100% virgin plastic, GREEN BM’s PVC/ASA PVC corrugated iron sheet helps the building to resist corrosion from salt vapor in the air very well.

Hot and noise resistant PVC/ASA Plastic Tile.

The weather in our country is getting hotter and hotter and the rain is getting more and more intense. When the weather is in the dry season, the weather is very uncomfortable and the house is very hot, all of which give rise to diseases related to the respiratory tract, skin and many cases leading to heat shock due to the use of ordinary roofing sheets. raise the temperature.

Công Trình Nhà Ven Biển - Vũng Tàu

PVC/ASA Tile Tile is composed of 3 layers of PVC and ASA coating to help resist infrared and ultraviolet rays from the sun, thereby reducing the temperature. from 6-8 degrees Celsius. In addition, with 3-layer PVC structure, when it rains, you will hear a very small and pleasant sound when it rains, whereas when you use traditional steel sheet, you will hear a “jingle” sound. jingle” is very uncomfortable and affects the ears greatly, especially in the house with old people and babies.

PVC/ASA Plastic Tiles are fast and safe to install.

When construction in a humid environment, there is an electric leak, thunder… this is a great danger when constructing and using ordinary steel roofing. With high-grade plastic material, Green Tile’s Ton Tile is a good insulator, especially when exposed to electricity. When exposed to fire, the Plastic Tile will not catch fire by itself. With the long, hard plate size and attached accessories, the construction of Plastic Tiles is very fast and ensures aesthetics.

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