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Using polycarbonate sheet do you feel good or not?

Is polycarbonate sheet good? Using polycarbonate sheet is preferred by most customers today with many preeminent features. With outstanding features and reasonable price, polycarbonate sheet is recognized for its quality. However, to be able to choose a quality product, what criteria should users pay attention to?

Is polycarbonate sheet good?

Polycarbonate sheet is considered by experts as one of the materials possessing many outstanding advantages in construction. Based on the following specific criteria:

polycarbonate có tốt hay không ?

In terms of durability:

The durability of polycarbonate sheets can be used for outdoor buildings used as roofs and lighting. Very good environmental resistance.

UV resistance:

Most of the polycarbonate sheets can get light for the building effectively. Therefore, it can resist UV rays and better protect the health of users. Most UV resistant materials have a very long average lifespan.


With materials used outdoors such as UV rays, high durability comes with a harmonious aesthetic that can withstand harsh weather conditions without being affected or deformed. Polycarbonate sheets come in a variety of colors and designs. The product stands out with beautiful colors, high harmony with many rich structural designs.

Light transmittance:

The main use of polycarbonate sheets is to get light for residential buildings. Therefore, getting light is considered the strength of this product.

Which is the best polycarbonate sheet today?

There are many different types of polycarbonate sheets on the market today. To help you get the most appropriate selection basis for your project. We have compiled some basic information about a few types of polycarbonate sheets that are highly appreciated by industry experts today:

Strong poly sheet


Highly durable with a lifespan of up to 25 years. Ability to withstand large impact forces, can withstand strong impacts from the surrounding environment. Besides, the light transmission is highly appreciated with the brightness up to 93%. Light weight for easy construction and installation. The ability to resist UV rays protects the health of users.


The price is quite high compared to similar products.

Some popular brands: SolarFlat, Super Lete, Poly Smart, Super Lite.

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Hollow poly sheet


The average lifespan is more than 12 years. Light transmittance reaches 90%. The product is impact resistant and resistant to weather changes. In addition, the hollow poly sheet also has good sound and heat insulation effects. The price is cheap, suitable for many economical families.


The product is susceptible to mold in the poly sheet, if the preservation process is not done carefully.

Some popular brands: Solite, Twinlite, Super Lete, Xlite

tấm polycarbonate là gì ?

corrugated poly sheet


Corrugated poly sheets have a variety of designs and are quite rich with high durability. In addition, the colors and designs are quite diverse, with good light transmission. Supports and protects the user against ambient temperature influences.


This waveform toly is difficult to combine with other types of roofing sheet today. If used in combination, it takes a lot of time to search for models and choose products that are suitable for the design space.

Popular brands: Suntuf, Super Lete, Nicelight.

Where to sell good quality polycarbonate sheets?

Polycarbonate sheets are increasingly popular in Vietnam market. Understanding the good market development factor, many units have conducted production and business, or become the distributor of many brands of polycarbonate sheets today. This shows that the supply and demand for the product is very high. However, this business development problem makes it more difficult for consumers to choose affordable products with good quality.

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We are one of the units possessing many strengths in experience in manufacturing and supplying polycarbonate sheet materials, light roofing sheets for many large and small projects across the country.

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Is polycarbonate sheet good? The answer has been provided by us in this article to readers. Hopefully after reading through the article, you have select to be informed to buy the right product for your construction as soon as possible. Contact us now to receive dedicated advice and support to choose the right product for your family:

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