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Using gutters for houses is a solution for current projects

Using gutters for houses is one of the essential parts for all constructions. This is the part that helps to prevent the house from being soaked by rainwater. It is designed to drive rainwater on the roof to the ground. So what types of gutters are there, what is the material made and what is the best way to make a gutter? Let’s find out all these issues with us in the article below.

Why do we have to make gutters for houses?

Every house must have a roof system to protect the inside of the house from leaking. Houses are often built close to each other, not always far apart. Therefore, it is very necessary to make water gutters to prevent water from leaking into the house or pouring into other people’s houses.

The installation of gutters also helps the roofing materials not lose their aesthetics and increase their durability. From there, homeowners will limit costs such as maintenance, repair or replacement of parts in the roof.

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What kind of house gutters to use?

Currently, there are many styles of residential gutters offered in the market. So choose the most beautiful and quality gutter style for your home? Find out with us below.

Classification of gutters for houses by design

Round gutters

This is the most popular form of gutter on the market today with high aesthetics and ease of installation. This type of gutter still carries in it’s main use to help regulate water and make it easier for water to drain off the roof. Thereby limiting the possibility of leakage into the house and keeping the beauty of the roof.

This type of gutter will be raised to the roof surface, however, it will still retain the aesthetics of the roof without negatively affecting the design.

Sound gutters

Acoustic gutter is a material used to place between the intersection of two roof ends. Rainwater will be flowed and drained quickly. At the same time, this design also helps to reduce the water pressure created on the roof, helping the roof to last as long as possible. Many large and small projects have used this type of negative gutter.

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Classification of gutters by structure

Color coated corrugated iron gutters

Currently, color coated corrugated iron gutters are used up to 90% of construction projects in Vietnam. This type of trough has the outstanding advantage that it has high durability and very little oxidation ability. The extremely affordable price is also the reason why they are chosen so much. In addition, this product is easy to shape, making construction and installation easier.

With eye-catching colors, this type of corrugated iron is chosen a lot to match the design of each project.

PVC gutters

This product is made from polyester resin with glass fibers and other additives. They are highly resistant to corrosion and very easy to clean. PVC gutter</span > is a product with the advantages of high durability, long service life. In addition, the fact that the plastic trough is light in weight, less labor intensive in transportation and easy to construct are also the advantages that make this product chosen by many construction units.

Using concrete gutters

This type of gutter is also very popular and is made from cement combined with stone, sand and water. Concrete gutters are easy to shape, but require a very high level of skill. If not used correctly, gutters are easy for water to seep into the house.

Stainless steel gutters

Stainless steel gutters are now also extremely popular. This product is the most durable of all gutters. Extremely good oxidation and corrosion resistance and resistant to very harsh weather. However, the price of this product is extremely low. You might consider using this product.

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Picture of installing gutters at the project in District 6

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How to make the best house gutter

Here are the steps to make the best house gutter job. You need a good craftsman or engineer to do them.

  • Choose the right gutter style for your home.
  • Material selection for gutters.
  • Prepare materials and proceed with installation.


Above is the most detailed information about the use of gutters for houses. Hopefully with this information, you will choose the most suitable type of gutter for you.

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