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Use appropriate roofing tiles for old houses

The roof tiles suitable for antique houses include which types you already know? Old house is one of the types of houses that are used quite commonly with those who love the old and especially with those who are willing to play. No matter how many renovations, the grass house still retains its aesthetic value. One of the parts that make up the beauty of an old house is the roof. The roof is covered with ancient tiles, bringing a very unique beauty. Let’s find out if there are types roof tiles</ span> which is the most beautiful in this article.

Types of roof tiles suitable for old houses

Comedy nose tile

Comedy nose tile is a type of tile very familiar to ancient houses in Vietnam. Even in communal houses and pagodas, this type of tile is also used for roofing. They are made from terracotta with a tapered shape at the top and curved upwards. Their shape is like the old comedy, so their name is therefore also called comedy nose tile.


  • Dimensions: 270 x 200 x 15 mm
  • Quantity of use: 40 tablets/m2
  • Weight: 1.6 kg/tablet
  • Duration of water penetration: about 120 minutes
  • Water absorption: 8%
  • Suitable slope: 17-19 degrees
  • Optimal slope: 30-35 degrees
  • The main part (against eyelids) is at least 70mm

ngói lợp nhà cổ


Comedy nose tile has low heat absorption, so in the summer the space inside the house is very cool. This also reduces the cost of electricity for the homeowner.

The product is made from terracotta at very high temperatures, so it can withstand the harshest weather of nature.

The product is reusable, so it is very environmentally friendly.

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Fish Scale Tile

Fish scale tile is a type of tile that is used a lot for family churches or in communal houses and pagodas. This type of tile has the right shape as its name suggests. The roof is shaped like a fish scale and in the middle of the upper face there is a vein.


Dimensions (mm): 260 x 260 x 120

Weight (kg/tablet): 1.1 kg

Water penetration time (minutes): >= 120

Water absorption (%): =< 8

Amount of use (v/m2): 65


  • Products are diverse in color, so homeowners can freely choose the product that best suits their aesthetic.
  • The fish scale tile is highly aesthetic and exudes the beauty of old houses.
  • The technique of roofing fish scales is extremely simple, so it saves time and installation costs for homeowners.
  • The weight of the product is extremely light, so it is very convenient for transportation and installation.

Roof tiles suitable for old houses: Yin and yang tiles

This type of tile is called yin and yang tile because they are divided into two distinct yin and yang tiles. The yang tile has a cylindrical shape with one big end and one small end, used to connect the tiles. The negative tile has a rectangular shape, thinness with elegant beauty. Two yin and yang tiles combine to form a very harmonious whole.

Today, yin and yang tiles are widely used for luxury and classy villas. They have been and are one of the tiles that have both modern beauty and ancient and traditional beauty.

The product has a difference between the size of the glazed tile and the terracotta tile.


  • The most durable of all types of tiles for antique houses.
  • The ability to resist heat and humidity is extremely good up to 92%, so it ensures that the indoor space is always cooler and more stable than the outside.
  • Made by modern production technology, these products have almost absolute accuracy, limit warping, so the roof does not leak or penetrate.</li >
  • Products with high aesthetics should be widely used.

sử dụng ngói lợp nhà cổ

Tile of the word Life

This type of tile is a special type of tile because its surface is engraved with the shape of the word longevity. This type of tile often appears in the old works of the North. When construction is complete, the tiles will be folded into an extremely beautiful shape of longevity.


Dimensions (mm): 190 x 150 x 12

Number of uses (v/m2): 35v/1m2

Water absorption (%): =< : 0.8


  • The product has a very long life and durability.
  • Heat resistance up to 86%.
  • High leak resistance.
  • Aesthetic is very good.


Above are some of the best roof tiles for antique houses that we want to share with you. Hopefully with this information, you can freely choose for yourself the products that best suit your project and financial ability.

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