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Types of heat-resistant corrugated iron roofs for level 4 houses are good

Heat-resistant corrugated iron roof for level 4 houses which is the best type you know yet? At present, the more society develops, the more new materials are born. To meet human needs. Because of that, there are many types with different brands. What kind of product should I choose for my project is something that people often wonder about. In this article, we will share with you the most suitable products for your project. Let’s keep track of the following useful information.

What is a heat resistant corrugated iron roof for a level 4 house?

Heat-resistant corrugated iron roof for level 4 houses is one of the materials made from metal combined with some other additives. These types of corrugated iron are mainly used to protect the house. Before the negative effects of the weather, especially the hot sun. Using this product, the air in your house. Always maintained at a more stable and cooler temperature than outdoors.

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Currently, this product is used to replace traditional materials such as tile. In addition to applications for level 4 houses, heat-resistant corrugated iron products have many applications for other civil and industrial projects such as factories, factories, roofs of bus stations, roofs of hospitals, schools, etc. animal lodging,…

The reason why heat-resistant corrugated iron roofs become popular

Surely many people are wondering why this roofing material is so popular. Join us to find the answer right below.

In fact, heat-resistant corrugated iron roof used It is so spacious because it has all the following outstanding features:

    • Heat resistance, heat resistance up to 90%. Since then, the indoor temperature is always much cooler than outside.
    • Resistance to harmful UV rays for humans and pets up to 98%.
    • The bearing capacity is 240 times better than ordinary glass. Therefore, it can withstand the harshest weather such as: wind, storm, rain, thunderstorm,…
    • The ability to resist explosions and electric shocks is very good because they are electrostatically painted, so they are almost unlikely to cause fires or electric shocks.
    • Can be 100% waterproof and leakproof if installed correctly.
    • Aesthetic is much higher than traditional tile. Heat-resistant corrugated iron products with modern beauty are very suitable for new-style houses.
    • There are a variety of designs and colors for homeowners to choose from. You can choose products according to feng shui, according to your preferences or the design of the house.
    • Lighter weight than traditional glass and tile. Therefore, the transportation, construction and installation are also much simpler.
    • The structure of the corrugated iron roof is simple, the technique is easy to implement.
    • The durability and service life of heat-resistant corrugated iron products for level 4 roofs is up to several decades.
    • Self-cleaning ability is very good because the top surface is very slippery, dirt and garbage can wash off on its own after a rain.
    • The price of the product is extremely cheap and suitable for many customers.

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Types of heat-resistant corrugated iron roofs for level 4 houses

After knowing the outstanding advantages of heat-resistant corrugated iron. You will definitely want to know which products are the best. If you are looking for a product suitable for a level 4 house, continue to follow the article. Here are some of the most popular types of corrugated iron today:

  • PU foam sheet (3 layers): This is 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron with 2 layers of cold corrugated iron and 1 layer of heat-resistant PU. The product is being used the most today due to its anti-heat effect and other outstanding features.
  • EPS foam corrugated iron: This type of corrugated iron also has good heat resistance, in addition, they also possess extremely good soundproofing and UV protection.
  • OOP foam corrugated iron: This is a single layer PE corrugated iron with the effect of blowing air bubbles with an anti-heat film, so it is very effective in preventing heat. At the same time, the product is quite environmentally friendly, so it is widely used.


There are many types of heat-resistant corrugated iron for roofs of level 4. However, you need to consider the financial ability, the purpose of use. And design the house to choose for themselves the most suitable product. Above are the most popular types of corrugated iron that we want to share with you. Hope you find yourself the most suitable corrugated iron roof model.

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