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Things you need to know about false roof tiles Part 1

Imitation tile, also known as corrugated iron, is often used for roofing, replacing traditional brick and tile materials. With outstanding advantages in durability as well as aesthetics, this product has been favored by many Vietnamese families.

What is tile imitation?

Imitation tile is also known as corrugated iron or tile corrugated iron. In essence, this is a material made from thin rolled steel but the surface is not flat or wavy. They are designed to deceive the eye, making viewers think this is a traditional tile roof in terms of design, size and color. However, in terms of materials, the external structure and the tonnage of the fake corrugated iron are different from the real corrugated iron roof.

Tilted tiles are often used to roof villas or buildings with multi-storey roof architecture with large slopes. It can be said that this is one of the current trends in using roofing materials, especially suitable for families who want to have a corrugated iron roof to resist heat but still maintain the overall aesthetics of the house.</span >

Những điều cần biết về tôn giả ngói

At first glance, you can hardly distinguish the fake corrugated iron roof from the real tile</p > Construction of corrugated iron roof

Imitation tile includes 3 layers as follows:

– Surface corrugated iron: This layer has the effect of creating a sustainable structure for the roof sheet, avoiding the effects of outdoor weather conditions. The surface corrugated iron layer has a certain plasticity and high strength. The surface of the material is shiny to ensure the aesthetics of the building’s exterior.

– PU layer (Polyurethane): The PU layer has very good sound and heat insulation features, so it is suitable for use in heat and noise protection, especially for civil and industrial buildings. With this layer, the space inside the house is always cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

– PP/PVC coating (silver lining): This is a bright white thin film that helps keep the color of the fake corrugated iron roof, increasing the aesthetics of the building. This layer is laminated under the surface to increase heat resistance and fire resistance, contributing to bringing a cool atmosphere to the living space.

Standard corrugated iron tile size

Imitation tile is produced more and more diversely to meet the tastes of consumers. Existing tiles have many types with different colors and designs. However, about the standard size of this roofing material, they need to ensure the following basic rules:

– Wave height: 30mm

– Thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.3mm

– Wave spacing: 160mm

– Product specification: 1,050mm (regular size).

Preeminent feature of corrugated iron tiles for houses?

Imitation tile has the following advantages:

High usability

This is the outstanding advantage of tile imitation. You can use this material to roof high-rise townhouses, villas, level 4 houses, spaces with large slopes.

Light weight, easy to transport, to apply

Compared with tile roofs as well as conventional roofing materials, corrugated iron helps reduce the maximum load, so the roof purlin truss system is also simplified. . At the same time, the transportation of materials is also much easier. Especially, for houses with weak foundations, level 4 or 1-storey houses do not need to reinforce the foundation but can still use fake corrugated iron for roofing.

Những điều cần biết về tôn giả ngói

High aesthetics

The corrugated iron roof creates a highlight for the exterior of the building by its youthful, elegant and modern look, but still subtly reflects the ancient tradition of the tile roof. This material currently has many colors and designs for users to easily choose in accordance with their preferences, feng shui and home design.

The roof with corrugated iron and corrugated iron roof creates a feeling of warmth and intimacy

Save on construction costs

Using fake corrugated iron helps homeowners save costs compared to conventional tiles while still ensuring the requirements for durability, aesthetics, and safety. whole. With the use of corrugated iron and tile, you can save on transportation costs, the cost of hiring roofing workers, etc., to save money to invest in other items such as interior design, home decoration.

Soundproof, heatproof

This feature of corrugated iron is completely different from ordinary corrugated iron. Researched and manufactured on modern technological lines, the fake corrugated iron roof meets the requirements of sound and heat insulation to help keep the indoor living space cool and fresh.

What types of corrugated iron are there?

Currently, corrugated iron tiles are produced in many different types, designs and colors to meet the diversity of purposes and needs of users. consumers. There are 3 main popular types of fake tiles as follows:

Fairy roof tiles

This type of corrugated iron comes from the line of cold resistant corrugated iron. Insulated corrugated iron roof tiles have effective resistance to solar radiation and heat resistance. Accordingly, with the roof with corrugated iron and tile insulation, the living space inside the house will be cool, creating a more comfortable and comfortable feeling for family members, especially in the summer.

Not only has the feature of anti-heat, good insulation, this type of corrugated iron also ensures the aesthetics of the exterior of the building with a variety of color palettes and sizes such as: real tile. On the other hand, the product’s price is not too high compared to cold sheet steel, suitable for the affordability of most consumers today.

Những điều cần biết về tôn giả ngói

Imitation of heat-insulating tiles to make the interior space cooler

Respect plastic tile

This is a material produced by advanced coextrusion technology and special manufacturing process. Products are mainly used for roofing of houses, villas, pavilions, factories, greeting gates,…

Ton plastic imitation tile has outstanding advantages such as anti-fouling ability; bearing, good heat resistance; fireproof; reduced from 6-8 degrees C compared to ordinary iron corrugated iron; simple construction and installation. The life of the material can be up to 20 years.

Things to know about false roof tiles

Respect plastic tile in a variety of colors

Imitation of noise-proof tiles

This product line has good soundproofing and noise resistance, especially in the rainy season. You must have felt uncomfortable about the sound of rain falling on the metal roof many times. Soundproof corrugated iron is produced to overcome this situation, in order to bring quietness and comfort to the family’s living space. This is also the reason why soundproof corrugated iron tiles quickly became popular and trusted right after its birth.

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The noise-proof corrugated iron is especially effective when it’s raining

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