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The preeminent features of PVC/ASA Green Tile BM

PVC/ASA Tile Tile includes 1 ASA layer and 3 separate toughened PVC layers with different features increased durability, light penetration resistance, with additives, manufactured from engineering grade ASA resin and 3 layers of PVC using a special formula, produced on an extrusion process with high pressure and temperature, since then creating a product line with many outstanding advantages, serving the current process of designing and constructing corrugated iron roofs.

ASA engineering plastics are imported directly from famous brands in the world such as the Federal Republic of Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia,… With a special blend formula, it creates a coating on the 4-layer ASA/PVC plastic corrugated iron product

Outstanding features of ASA/PVC Green BM Plastic Tiles

The 4-layer PVC/ASA plastic corrugated iron sheet is a high-class, delicate, luxurious, durable product line, almost no moss, slow aging, easy to maintain, easy to install.

Plastic 4-layer corrugated iron has light weight (about 5-6 kg/m2), wide-format structure with flexible length for easy installation, greatly reducing loads on the supporting frame roof, load-bearing walls, building foundation.

Professional accessory set for construction such as: roof panel, rib panel, edging sheet, roof tail panel,… and especially the set anti-leakage screws, always ready to satisfy the most demanding customers, helping ASA/PVC Green BM 4-layer plastic tile and corrugated iron products to create sophisticated and classy architectural works.< /span>

Outstanding advantages of PVC/ASA roof tile product line


The surface of the plastic corrugated iron and tile products is covered with a layer of ASA (a type of plastic used in the automobile and aircraft manufacturing industry …) so the color fastness of the product is reached. 25 years.


Due to the greenhouse effect, the temperature in recent years has increased, especially in urban areas and densely populated areas, so we are in dire need of a suitable roofing materials to overcome this situation. PVC/ASA Green BM corrugated and tile products can completely solve this problem thanks to the ASA coating on the surface with the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, the product can reduce the temperature compared to the outdoor from 5 to 8oC.


Due to the 4-layer structure, the PVC ASA corrugated iron and tile product line has a noise resistance reduction of up to 40dB compared to conventional metal roofing products.</ span>

Chemical corrosion resistance

Due to its superior corrosion resistance, chemical reactions cannot occur  even if the roofing sheet is immersed in a corrosive solution continuously for 24 hours . Products PVC/ASA Green BM roof tiles are not only suitable for residential use but also suitable for industrial parks, chemical plants, metal plating and coastal projects.

High load capacity

PVC/ASA Green BM corrugated iron products have high load capacity, low elasticity even when they are used in extreme temperature environment from – 3oC to 50oC. Plastic products do not appear changes visible to the naked eye. At high temperatures up to 50 oC, the products do not suffer from surface damage or cracking.

High leak resistance

Plastic PVC/ASA Green BM tile is specially designed with smart, synchronized installation accessories to ensure all screws are fixed and free from oxygen. chemical, creating absolute leak resistance.


PVC/ASA Green BM roof tiles are manufactured from high quality ASA, PVC, so they should be classified as non-self-igniting materials (self-extinguishes when there is no flame) ). Therefore, customers can completely rest assured to use Green BM Plastic Tiles for their projects.


One ​​more thing that we always care about products, that is the ability to be environmentally friendly. Since all Green BM Plastic products are free of asbestos, radioactive elements and can be recycled, the PVC/ASA Green BM tile and tile product lines are all very environmentally friendly.

Convenient and efficient installation

Because the PVC/ASA Green BM roof tile product is light in weight and large in size combined with smart, synchronous installation accessories to help construction time. installation is greatly reduced.

More specifically, this type of corrugated iron is perfectly suitable for many regions, harsh climate environments, sea areas, rivers, factories, textile factories, plating, chemical plants, livestock farms, brick factories, cement factories,…

Where should I buy reputable and quality pvc products?

The problem of choosing where to buy PVC/ASA products is always a concern of customers. Choosing the right place to buy, you will be completely assured of product quality, selling price and after-sales policies. Currently, Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company (Green Plastic Tile BM) is a reputable unit in the field of providing modern and environmentally friendly building materials. When buying Green BM Plastic Tiles, you will receive the following outstanding incentives:

The most competitive PVC/ASA roof tile price 

Green BM Green Plastic Tile is proud to be a distributor of genuine PVC/ASA plastic roofing products. Due to importing goods in large quantities and being the official agent, the Company can limit input costs, thereby offering the most favorable prices to customers. In addition, Green BM Green Plastic Tile also has many attractive discount and discount policies for loyal customers or large orders.

Support accessory selection

Buying plastic corrugated iron at Green BM, you will be supported with installation and coordination of accessories to bring the best quality and aesthetic work.

Besides the main product which is PVC/ASA plastic corrugated iron, a full set of genuine accessories including: side panels, side panels, corner panels,… and accessories Accessories such as anti-leak screws, etc. are also available with many options. In addition, the Company will support the coordination of accessories to bring harmony, sophistication and ensure the best quality for the project.

Free shipping and installation support

Buy products at Green Plastic Tiles BM, you not only feel secure about the price of fake plastic corrugated iron but also receive installation support with the most professional staff. . Orders near the company will receive free shipping, while orders far from the company will share the fee with the customer.

In order to bring satisfaction to customers, Green BM’s PVC/ASA  roof sheet price list is always very competitive in the market. Hope you will have the best experience when using our company’s fake plastic corrugated iron products.

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