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The birth and application of PVC/ASA corrugated iron and tile

In the past, the roofs of houses or factories often used traditional roofing types such as corrugated iron, iron, colored concrete tiles. Due to the development of the times and the constantly improving consumer demand, the market needs to look for a new type of roof that is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, durable, and reasonably priced. .v

PVC/ASA Plastic Roofing Tile is a new type of roofing made from PVC/ASA that has appeared rapidly in recent years. The main material is a plastic layer with weather resistance, especially on the surface that does not react with acids and alkalis. At the same time, it is resistant to corrosion even when the brick body is exposed to acids, alkalis, and salt environments, it will not degrade the product’s performance. Currently, PVC/ASA plastic sheeting has been strongly promoted and applied in many factories, warehouses, large-scale farmers’ markets at home and abroad.

Sự ra đời và ứng dụng của Tôn Ngói Nhựa PVC/ASA

Today, many large enterprises have started using PVC/ASA roof tiles in their factories. Basically, they choose to use PVC/ASA Plastic Tile because it is easy to install, light in weight, very convenient and fast to install, and has a function to meet many different needs of users. Previously, it took 10 and a half months to install a tile roof. If using PVC/ASA corrugated iron roof, it can be completed in 1-2 days under normal circumstances. The appearance of PVC / ASA Plastic Tiles has helped to improve the problems of rust, water absorption, rapid aging of the roofs.

The use of PVC/ASA roof tiles not only saves time and labor, but is also environmentally friendly, with absolute aesthetics and durability. high. For the factory, it can be quickly put into use and can ensure smooth operation without roof problems such as rust, seepage. In particular, the investment cost of PVC/ASA roof tile is once and used forever.

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