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The best anti-heat for factories that you should check out

Anti-heat for factories is always something that businesses are especially interested in because it greatly affects the production and business efficiency of enterprises. Factory buildings are often roofed with corrugated iron and there are many machines inside, so in the summer the working space will be quite hot and stuffy. If your factory is also facing this problem, please follow the article below, we will give you tips to combat the heat.

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Effective ways to prevent heat in factories

The hot factory space not only affects production efficiency but also greatly affects the health of workers. Therefore, preventing factory heat is a top priority. Especially summer weather in Vietnam is very hot. Here are some ways to fight the heat that we want to share with you:

Factory roof with heat-resistant corrugated iron

This is the way that many businesses have applied. Although the investment cost is much higher than that of ordinary corrugated iron, the anti-heat effect is extremely good. Heat resistant corrugated iron is a type of corrugated iron consisting of 3 layers: cold corrugated iron, insulating PU layer and foil layer.

Line quality 3-layer heat-resistant sheet minimizes the absorption of heat radiation from the sun. Therefore, the factory space will always be comfortable, comfortable and the temperature will be much lower than outdoors.

Installation of ventilation system

This is also one of the most optimal ways to prevent heat for factories. You can use materials such as: ventilation ducts, ventilation doors and fans,… To install the ventilation system.

Thanks to this system, the factory will be able to remove and limit the agents that cause mold, hot air, unpleasant odors,…In the factory to the outside. The hot temperature in the room will also be pushed out, making the air significantly cooler.

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Use insulation paint to prevent factory heat

When your factory has been covered with a conventional corrugated iron roof to save costs, you can resist the heat with insulation paints. Corrugated iron sheets will usually not be able to insulate as well as insulating corrugated iron sheets. Therefore, use insulation paint to reduce the heat level in the factory and save a lot of money.

The components of the insulation paint have very good heat resistance and heat resistance. This type of paint is painted directly on the corrugated iron surface to limit the exposure of the sun to the corrugated iron roof. Thereby reducing a significant amount of heat for the workshop space.

Use of industrial cooler

Industrial coolers are also the most commonly used method today. They have good heat resistance, helping business owners save a lot of electricity consumption and installation costs.

When using these devices, the fresh, cool air outside the natural environment will be filtered and cooled to transmit into the space in the workshop. At the same time, the hot air flows inside will be pushed out. Thanks to that, the air in the factory is always cool and the temperature is always lower than outside. This type of machine is very popular because of its good heat resistance and is very environmentally friendly.

Installation of sprinkler system on roof

This solution has been used in many factories in Vietnam. The cooling effect of the sprinkler system is quite good.

However, the water must be continuously sprayed, if stopped, the heat will be absorbed into the factory very quickly. This solution can be installed and constructed in a short time, without affecting production, so it is popular in many places.

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Using a steam fan

Industrial steam fans are very effective against heat. Water is pumped into the cooling system, then it is pumped up the water system and flows into the fan’s cooling system. At that time, evaporation will take place and cool the air. The fan will continuously draw hot air from inside the factory and transmit cool air after it has been converted from water. Thanks to that, the factory is always cool and comfortable.

Use insulated airbags

Insulated air bags are specialized items to reduce heat and prevent heat in the summer and can resist 95% of radiant heat sources from the outside. Using this product, the air in the factory is always cool and comfortable. Thereby helping to increase the capacity of the plant.


Above is all the useful information about heat protection for the factory. Hopefully, the information we bring will help businesses have the most effective solutions in fighting heat. Our company supplies and installs corrugated plastic tiles good quality, good price. If you have any further questions, contact us for consult directly.

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