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cong trinh nha khach t82 can tho

Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) is pleased to be the supplier of corrugated iron and tile for T82 guesthouse, one of the places to stay in a busy place, welcoming politicians in Can Tho.

Công trình Nhà khách T82

Overall view from above

With a total construction area of 1,400m2, the ancient European architecture, white paint color and brown tile layer enhance the ancient beauty of the building. The entrance door is covered with tempered glass, giving Guest House T82 an ancient and modern beauty.

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Công trình Nhà khách T82

Panorama of Guest House T82 – When viewed from above

Brown plastic corrugated iron, bearing an idyllic feature like the West – sincere, rustic, close but making many guests nostalgic. The color not only has a feng shui meaning but also shows the personality of the owner, with an ancient but modern appearance that will help guests feel close and explore Asian culture. .

Công trình Nhà khách T82

Let’s admire the brown color of plastic corrugated iron

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