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Should we use poly sheets to get light instead of mica sheets?

Should use poly sheet to get light instead of mica sheet is a question that many people wonder in the past. Two types of roofing products, polycarbonate and plexiglass, are both commonly used to replace glass. Each product has different advantages because the materials and technology to make them are completely different. Follow this article to know which product is best for your project.

tấm poly lấy sáng

Compare 2 products polycarbonate sheet and mica sheet

In fact, both types of products have their own outstanding features. Let’s follow some detailed information of these two types of products.

Strength, impact resistance

Both poly and mica sheet products have very good impact resistance. The bearing capacity of these two products is much better than that of glass. Specifically, plexiglass is 10 times stronger than glass, and 250 times more resistant to poly.

From here, we can see that poly sheet is many times more impact resistant than mica. If you need the product to be used for impact resistance. Then poly sheet is the best choice.

Light penetration

This is one of the characteristics so that people can distinguish and choose which type of roofing is suitable for their project. Mica sheet has 88% light penetration and poly sheet has up to 92% light penetration. Because this difference is not too much and difficult to distinguish, you can use any type you want.

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Heat resistance

When choosing to buy roofing products, you need to pay special attention to heat resistance. Because this feature will determine the durability of the product as well as the quality of the product when used. Mica sheet can withstand temperatures between -34 degrees C to 88 degrees C. As for poly sheet, the heat resistance of this product ranges from -35 degrees C to 116 degrees C.

In fact, there is no time in Vietnam when the outdoor temperature is too high or too low. Therefore, both products can be used equally if used for roofing. If used with high temperatures, poly sheets are much more preferred. Choose a roofing sheet depending on your project.

Should use poly sheet to get light on flexibility

Both types of products can be cut by common tools such as saws, specialized scissors, cutters, etc. However, mica sheet is easier to cut than poly sheet because poly sheet must be cut by machine and sheet mica can be cut by hand or machine.

Although cutting is more difficult, poly sheet can be drilled faster. And easier than plexiglass. Mica sheet is more fragile than poly sheet, so it is necessary to use specialized drills with straight and high speed drill bits.

The edges of mica sheet are usually easier to polish and higher gloss than poly sheet. In addition, plexiglass is more ductile to heat than poly sheet. But poly sheet can be cold bent directly without using heat.

Both mica and poly can be scratched. However, polycarbonate sheet is more prone to scratches than plexiglass. Therefore, care should be taken during transportation, installation and storage.

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Both products are applied in many different cases such as:

  • Make a roof
  • Make a porch
  • Cover the skylight
  • Make a bus stop roof
  • Make a barn roof
  • Make a porch roof
  • Cover the light umbrella
  • As an agricultural shelter,…


In terms of cost, mica sheet is cheaper than poly sheet. So, based on the characteristics of your project to choose the most suitable product.

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Should I use poly sheet to get light instead of mica?

If you do not know which product to choose for your project, then based on the intended use of the roofing sheet, find the required features and apply them to the products.

You need to use roofing sheets to get light for projects such as: eaves, roofs, skylights, pool roofs, agricultural greenhouses,… Then using poly sheets will be more appropriate.

For projects such as doors, partitions, windows, etc., then mica sheet will be the most perfect choice. Because plexiglass is more aesthetically pleasing than poly sheet. Based on the characteristics of your project to choose the most suitable product.


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