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Roofing sheet for light in agriculture

Light roofing in agriculture how many types are there today? Why use light roofing sheets in today’s industrial constructions? This will be we provide detailed information to help you better understand this issue to get a useful source of information before choosing the most accurate product purchase or installation.

What is light roofing in agriculture?

Normally, for greenhouses used to grow agricultural fruits, plastic screens will be used to cover the greenhouse. However, with the impact of complicated weather conditions. The plastic screens quickly degrade and are not able to maintain an effective use for the growing area.

In order to increase durability over a long time and comprehensively protect cultivated agricultural products, many users have decided to install roofing sheets to get light in agriculture to save the most effective use in the long run.

This is one of the materials used to shield and protect agricultural natural works effectively. It has the main characteristics of transparent color, high durability, good light absorption, effective use can last up to 10 years.

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Advantages of shingles in agriculture

Agricultural polycarbonate roofing sheets are manufactured from specialized materials. It is designed specifically for greenhouses, serving to grow better. As a result, growers do not need to depend much on climatic or weather conditions. Limiting the bad effects from UV rays and sunlight in the process of plant growth becomes better.

Users when using this roofing sheet can grow many types of out-of-season trees. Avoiding rain, wind, big storms or hot sun can make it difficult for plants to grow. Helping users bring safer and more effective economic solutions to farming problems.

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The most popular agricultural roofing sheets

On the market today, there are many different types of roofing sheets used in agriculture, diverse in materials, cost and durability. To buy the right kind of light roofing needed for the project, you should consider many issues. The most basic from the climatic conditions when using poly sheets, to the growing area to have a calculation before buying.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the brand issue to choose good, high-quality products. If you have not found a satisfactory product, we have a number of agricultural light roofing sheets below that we would like to introduce to you as follows:

Agricultural Polycarbonate Sheets

Poly (Polycarbonate) sheet is characterized as the most commonly used solid and hollow poly form on the market today. Buyers need to consider whether the balance of light needed with the illuminance of poly sheets is really suitable or not.

The advantages are low cost, light weight and fairly quick shipping and installation. In addition, it also promotes effective moisture-proof and waterproof. In particular, it also withstands high temperatures and is extremely impact resistant.

Greenhouse plants in a cold environment, need to maintain a stable temperature, should use this poly sheet! Because its main use is to maintain the right temperature. And effective insulation so that the crops grown inside are always best developed.

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Agricultural composite panels

Composite is a glass roof sheet combined with a variety of additives to create the most effective light-emitting roofing sheet. This product is manufactured from modern technology, so its durability is quite high. Curved composite roofing sheets are combined with molds and pressures to form products with the most precise durability.

Composite light roofing sheet has the effect of lighting up to 90% of the product. In addition, it also provides a good amount of light providing a good growing area. The light intensity is not too high and is very suitable for plants in harsh weather conditions.

Product durability is up to 20 years, elastic performance and excellent impact resistance. This light roofing sheet is very suitable for coastal agricultural use with good corrosion and oxidation resistance.

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Hopefully, those who are wondering about agricultural light roofing products can better understand the characteristics and uses of this product. Through the article, we hope that you have gained more information. To consider choosing the best materials for your agricultural work.

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