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Products of modern technology PVC/ASA corrugated iron

As modern industry develops, machines are also developed to replace old products with shortcomings, new products have been born. One of those products is Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) using technical PVC/ASA, one of the new plastics this year.

Traditional corrugated iron has disadvantages such as: rapid rusting due to environmental impacts, high thermal conductivity, some types of corrugated iron also interfere with phone waves and television. Traditional corrugated iron is mostly metal and is covered with a thin layer of anti-UV, the noise is not good and the sound insulation is not good, if you want good soundproofing, you must have a lot of foam pads for soundproofing, this creates conditions for rats to grow on the roof. To overcome those disadvantages, a new generation of PVC/ASA sheet was born.

Sản phẩm của công nghệ hiện đại - Tôn nhựa PVC/ASA

When the technology is more advanced, the plastic industry is more developed, better products are born. Plastic corrugated iron – one of the new generation roof products, meeting the needs of users.

Why is PVC/ASA sheet called new generation corrugated iron?

Plastic sheet is composed of 3 layers and they create a top quality product. Technical PVC/ASA plastic has good weather resistance, keeps the color fastness of corrugated iron, good UV resistance, chemical resistance to corrosion. The special foam structure material can resist heat and noise well. High toughness, ensuring both strength and stiffness, this special material also gives a sense of space and makes the house brighter. Light weight plastic corrugated iron, easy construction in all projects. But the most important thing is that the heat resistance, noise reduction of plastic corrugated iron is highly effective at reducing noise by 30dB compared to non-ferrous metal roofing and asbestos-free products.

Green BM’s PVC/ASA corrugated iron is a superior product compared to all types of roof sheet on the market, using the most modern technology, deserves to be the pioneer material product in the field of the best building materials.

Sản phẩm của công nghệ hiện đại - Tôn nhựa PVC/ASA

Come to BM Green Plastic Tile, customers can rest assured to buy and use because We are a professional roofing manufacturer, always doing research. develop and improve PVC/ASA products to achieve the highest efficiency.

Green Material Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company (Green BM)

We promise:

  • Supplying genuine and quality PVC/ASA plastic roofing products
  • Best product price in the market 
  • Provide the best and fastest warranty and construction services to customers

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