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Popular ways to fight storms with very cool corrugated iron roofs

How to prevent storms of corrugated iron roof how to be safe for people, pets and other properties of the homeowner do you know ? Vietnam is a place where natural disasters often occur such as storms, thunderstorms, high winds, etc. And they can negatively affect the corrugated iron roof system of large and small projects. Please follow the article below to know how to respond to natural disasters when using corrugated iron roofs.

The best effective anti-storm protection for corrugated iron roofs

Corrugated iron roof is the choice of many investors in large and small projects. Although the design is quite sturdy, the constructions made from corrugated iron are still capable of being damaged in bad weather. To prevent unnecessary damage, you can use the following ways that Plastic Tiles Green (GREEN BM) please share.

cách chống bão nhà mái tôn cực hay

Clearing, trimming branches around the corrugated iron roof area

This is the most effective and safest way to protect the corrugated iron roof of your building. This will help you minimize damage from windstorms and thunderstorms in all regions of the country. Pruning does not mean cutting down the entire tree, but only pruning branches that are likely to hit or fall on the roof.

The breaking of tree branches is a great danger to the corrugated iron roof. They can collapse or deform the corrugated iron roof and cause unsafety to people, pets and property of the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to clear and prune branches. Especially with old trees or hollow trees, near power lines.

The way to prevent storms with corrugated iron roofs is to keep power lines and telecommunications cables safe around areas with corrugated iron roofs

Electricity and telecommunications cables near the area where people live. Always a great harm. The danger increases many times each time rainstorms, thunderstorms appear. Therefore, you need to check and repair, maintain and reinforce electrical lines and telecommunications cables most often before each rainy season.

The roof is made of metal or corrugated iron that has been rusted for a long time. Can conduct electricity, so power lines and telecommunication cables should be reinforced carefully. Better yet, you should keep these power sources away from residential areas and corrugated iron roofs. This will avoid the worst cases of people and property at each construction site.

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Installing a sturdy metal roof truss system

Installation and construction are very important to keep your corrugated iron roof sturdy in each stormy season. When installing, you need to take into account the worst-case weather conditions, especially in places where storms and floods are frequent. A good truss system will closely link with the structure of the house. Therefore, they can help prevent the corrugated iron roof from being blown off, turning on during a strong storm.

For ongoing works, you need to monitor the work in detail to see if the workers have done it properly and technically. If not, you can remind them to work more carefully. Always remind the mechanic to calculate the exact technique and use quality materials.

cách chống bão cho nhà mái tôn

With houses already built, you can check your truss system to see if it’s sturdy. And can withstand strong winds and storms. If you feel they are not strong enough, reinforce them by adding other details such as: purlins, screws, welds,… 

Use quality corrugated iron and other building materials

Please order genuine products so that the product quality meets the standards during construction. It is advisable to choose corrugated iron with a thickness suitable for the weather situation in the locality you are in. If possible, choose sheets that are thicker than you need to avoid worst-case scenarios.

Other details such as purlins, screws, welding rods,… you should also buy genuine products. At reputable places, and have a commitment to quality to ensure the sustainability of the corrugated iron roof. All details must be qualified for your corrugated iron roof to withstand the most effective storms.

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Use storm brace for corrugated iron roof

Corporation corrugated iron roof brace, also known as storm keel. And is being used very popularly for large and small projects. This is an accessory designed to strengthen and increase the bonding ability of roofing sheets. This product can help corrugated iron roofs resist winds of level 10 to 12. Use a storm brace if the area where you live often experiences floods.

cách chống bão

Use stormproof sandbags for corrugated iron roof

This is the simplest and easiest way to do it today. You just need to use sandbags on the corrugated iron roof to create solid is for corrugated iron roofs. However, this method can lead to deformation of the corrugated iron roof, so please limit its use.


The above are ways to prevent storms of corrugated iron roofs from our Plastic Roofing Company. The most commonly used method today. Apply now to get yourself a solid corrugated iron roof before the storms. Wishing you all safety through the stormy seasons.

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