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Plastic tile roofing work in An Phu Riverside residential area, district 12

KDC An Phu Riverside’s plastic tile roofing project is one of the most remarkable projects in Ho Chi Minh City in recent times. . A special feature in this project is that plastic tiles have been used to construct and install the roof. This project is one of the most successful projects our company has done. Let’s learn about this KDC An Phu Riverside plastic tile roofing project to see the outstanding advantages of modern plastic tiles.

About An Phu Riverside KDC

KDC An Phu Riverside is located in Thanh Xuan ward, district 12, northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a very convenient location for development in all aspects because it borders Tay Ninh province, Binh Duong province along with districts in the city center. This KDC also has an extremely convenient traffic system when National Highway 22 and National Highway 1A pass through.

kdc thành đô 4

This project includes 84 semi-detached, self-contained townhouses with the most luxurious and modern design in Saigon. The scale of the project is up to 1Ha and 106 luxury houses with land area from 50 – 84m2/unit.

A house at KDC An Phu Riverside includes: 1 ground floor, 3 floors and 1 tum. This is said to be the promised land for all people and real estate businesses across the country.

Overview of plastic roof tiles 

What makes KDC An Phu Riverside’s plastic tile roofing project even more special is its roof structure. With the most modern and luxurious design. This project includes 84 apartments with roofs made of plastic tiles. This is something very few big projects dare to risk to do.

kdc thành đô 3

The roof of this building is completely covered with plastic tiles instead of traditional tiles like other buildings. The color of the plastic tile used is dark blue. This type of tile combined with white wall paint has exuded a prominent and luxurious look of the building.

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KDC An Phu Riverside plastic tile roofing project: Requirements for roofing materials

The requirements for roofing materials at KDC An Phu Riverside are very strict, so our company has selected plastic tiles to meet all the requirements. that demand. Some of the requirements that this tile has met are:

  • Very good heat resistance, heat resistance, insulation: This type of plastic tile can resist heat up to 98%. Since then, the atmosphere at KDC An Phu Riverside is always guaranteed to be cool and comfortable even on the highest part.
  • Effective noise resistance: This green plastic tile product can resist noise very well, they reduce up to 80% of the noise of rainwater, equivalent to 60dB in each rain. This helps residents here not be disturbed by outside noises.
  • Extremely anti-corrosion and anti-rust product: Because it is made of unrecycled virgin plastic, it can resist Corrosion from agents such as rainwater is extremely good.
  • High aesthetics: The product is made of plastic but has the same design as the tile and is created in a modern direction. Thereby making the work highly aesthetic and exalted the elegance, high class and nobility.
  • Good self-cleaning ability: The outside of the product is designed with smooth socks, so they are capable of cleaning dust dirty itself. Dirty substances such as: dust, moss, … will be washed away every time it rains. Thanks to that, KDC An Phu Riverside’s plastic tile roofing project is always like new since it came into operation. This reduces cleaning, repair and maintenance costs for businesses.
  • Easy to transport and install: The weight of the product is very light, so it is convenient for transportation and construction. Thereby shortening the construction time and helping the contractor to follow the construction schedule.
  • Durable up to several dozen years: The product’s lifespan and durability are extremely high, so the contractor of the plastic tile roofing project KDC An Phu Riverside has selected them to use for their projects. The product has a life expectancy of more than 50 years and a very long warranty of about 10 years.

Sample of plastic tile roofing project at KDC An Phu Riverside

kdc thành đô 5

kdc thành đô 2

kdc thành đô

hình ảnh của KDC Thành Đô


In other words, corrugated plastic tile is the best choice that the contractor of KDC An Phu Riverside has chosen. In fact, with green plastic tile products, this project seems to be raised to a new level.

With a combination of luxurious and modern design with economical plastic tile products and aesthetic. This project will definitely bring more success.

Green Plastic Tile Company (GREEN BM) is very honored to work with a great partner and create a very famous project like KDC An Phu Riverside.

If you are wondering which product to choose for your project, please contact us for a free consultation.

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