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Plastic tile roof for fertilizer factory

Plastic roofing of fertilizer factory is a very necessary activity to protect fertilizer products, and at the same time protect employees as well as the assets of the business. Modern technology creates more and more types of tiles with outstanding features for consumers to choose freely. If you still have many questions about this product, please follow the article below to be provided with useful information.

What is a factory roof tile?

Factory roof plastic tile is a product made from plastic with traditional tile form but has superior characteristics many times higher than traditional tile. This product corrugated plastic tile is applicable Used in many projects, especially fertilizer factories. This type of product is very susceptible to damage due to environmental conditions, especially rain water. If rainwater seeps in, all fertilizers must be discarded immediately.

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Advantages of roof tiles for fertilizer factories

Plastic tiles are preferred for roofing fertilizer factories because of the following outstanding advantages:

Good insulation, good electrical insulation, good heat resistance

This product is made from high-grade plastic, so it has very good electrical insulation, heat insulation and heat resistance. The fertilizer factory building with plastic tiles will have a cool, airy space in the summer and warm in the winter.

Excellent soundproofing

The soundproofing ability of this plastic tile is up to 60dB. Therefore, when it rains, the sound of rainwater hitting the roof will be greatly reduced and will not cause noise to make users uncomfortable.

Long product life

The product is very durable and the product life is up to several decades. You can rest assured about the durability of the product.

Anti-corrosion, effective impact resistance

The product has high hardness and good oxidation resistance. When hit hard is also very little affected.

Doesn’t catch dirt

The outside plastic tile is quite smooth and glossy, so it doesn’t catch dust. It can clean itself every time it rains. So cleaning is also much quicker and easier.


Because it is made of plastic and medium thickness, the product is quite light in weight. Thereby helping homeowners to install quickly and save costs right from the installation stage.

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Safe to use

The product is made from high quality plastic so it is free from harmful substances. The roof is very strong, so the construction and use is very safe for both people and fertilizer in the workshop.

High aesthetics

The color of the plastic tile is very diverse and you can choose according to your preferences. At the same time, they have the traditional tile shape, so it is easy to bring familiarity and closeness to the Vietnamese people.

Save on installation and repair costs

The cost of these products is very low, and their service life is very long, so repair and maintenance costs are very low. In addition, when you buy this product at reputable places, you will not need to pay any other extra fees.

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The most popular types of plastic roof tiles for fertilizer factories

  • 4-layer PVC/ASA plastic tile
  • Plastic roof composite tile
  • SCG Thai Color Tile
  • DIC Japanese Tile
  • Nakamura Japanese Tile
  • Nippon Japanese Tile

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Choose a roofing contractor for fertilizer factory

Green Plastic Tile Company (GREEN BM) is one of the leading units in the field of supplying construction materials for all large and small projects everywhere. Extremely good quality products and professional installation services have satisfied many customers.

Our staff has many years of experience in the profession, combined with equipment and machinery modern has always been the most useful means for us to serve our Customers. In addition, our products are all genuine imported from abroad. When buying, you can check the certificate of origin. At the same time, the product is guaranteed for up to 10 years for everyone.

With its experience, professionalism and dedication, the company has cooperated with many large and small customers. GREEN BM always tries to improve to be able to devote the most to customers.


Above is all detailed information about fertilizer factory plastic tile roofing. Surely it will be useful information for all of you. Please contact us if you are in need of using this material. Wish you choose the best cooperation unit.

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