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Let’s compare the difference between tile roof and corrugated iron roof

Is there any difference between tile roof and corrugated iron roof? Our company will provide you with important information to distinguish these two types of roof. From there, the most suitable choice for your construction project is roofed with the right type of quality roof and is more cost-effective.

These are the bases that help you distinguish the two types of tile roofs and corrugated iron roofs, researched by the company’s experts. Please refer to the information below:

so sánh mái tôn và mái ngói

Compare roof tiles and corrugated iron roofs: applicability

Roof tile:

Tile-roofed houses have been used since ancient times, it has many traditional houses from the time of our grandparents. Especially the works of temples, pagodas, churches, … aims to ensure aesthetic factors and coolness for crowded places.

Corrugated roof: 

Tel is a material used by many households in rural houses or urban high-rise buildings. However, it is not used much for the roof of temples and relatives’ temples. Today, there are many types of fake corrugated iron with up to 90% similarity, but the material is still not the same. It is mainly used to save costs for auxiliary works such as garages, bathrooms or toilets.

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Analysis of the characteristics of tile and corrugated iron roof

In terms of durability

Really, tile roofs are more durable than current corrugated iron roofs. With harsh weather conditions in Vietnam, it is preferable to use tile roofs that can’t rust and don’t worry about corrosion. Therefore, the tile roof will be suitable for the weather conditions in Vietnam.

Using a corrugated iron roof, it will rust after a period of time. The average lifespan is only about 20 years, if you use it incorrectly, it will wear out more when fighting environmental weather conditions.

About roof structure

Tile roof whose main structure is a truss system or wooden beams with a more stable structure. So it has more safety and certainty. As for the structure of the corrugated iron roof, the main steel frame is not as strong as the tile roof. The bearing capacity of the corrugated iron roof is also lower than that of the tile roof.


The roof tile is more aesthetically pleasing and more luxurious with luxurious beauty. Bring a superficial look and have a more solid perspective. Tile roofs have more diverse colors and designs than corrugated iron roofs. The corrugated iron roof has a rather thin design and is also less luxurious than the tile roof.

so sánh mái ngói và mái tôn

Soundproof, heatproof, leakproof

The biggest advantage of tile roofs is the ability to reduce noise with higher heat absorption limit. Tiles are made from clay materials with good thermal insulation. The roof of the house with tile material brings a much cooler and quieter feeling. If combined with rural garden space, it will be even cooler.

The tile roof is difficult to detect when it leaks, and it takes longer to repair. The corrugated iron roof absorbs heat and retains heat well. It can be used as a heat-resistant ceiling, but when it rains, it can make a loud noise.

However, now there is a 3-layer soundproof corrugated iron roof, you can try this one. In addition, the corrugated iron roof is easily affected by wind and storm causing roof damage, hail easily affects durability.

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Flexibility, substitution

Structured corrugated iron roof with steel frame structure is easy to construct and does not take much time compared to tile roof.

The corrugated iron roof is difficult to dismantle but easy to install, highly flexible and easy to replace. Tile roofs are complicated, construction is dangerous and takes more time.

Price for each type of roof

Tile roofs are always more expensive than corrugated iron roofs. Due to the sophisticated construction of the tile roof, the cost of hiring labor is more expensive. Complex structure requires more expensive steel frame, high durability, so the cost increases.

So users often prefer to use corrugated iron roofs. For the simple reason that it is quite suitable for the economy and budget of rural households. Less labor cost, much simpler construction than tile roof.


Each type of roof has its own advantages and disadvantages, so when using each type of machine, users should consider different factors. It is important to choose a type of corrugated iron that is suitable for family conditions and the area and architectural design of the whole house. Hopefully, through the comparison of tile roofs and corrugated iron roofs, you have had more knowledge base to choose the right material for your roof.

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