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Latest price of PVC ASA sheet and accessories in 2022

The price of pvc asa corrugated iron is now how much do you know? This is one of the most popular types of corrugated iron on the market because of its high applicability. Very long service life and extremely low cost. There are many units that are distributing this product to consumers. Learn with us lastest pvc corrugated iron price in 2022 right in the article.< /span>

Giá tôn nhựa pvc mới nhất năm 2021

What is pvc asa sheet?

ASA PVC roofing sheet is a material line of PVC roofing sheets produced by modern extrusion technology. This is a building material with high durability and variety of colors.

Has many uses and has superior noise and corrosion resistance compared to other materials. Besides, the price of this product is very low, so it is chosen by many people for projects.

Details of 4-layer ASA PVC corrugated iron

PVC roofing sheet is the most advanced roofing sheet in all types of roofing materials. Manufactured by modern extrusion technology and combined from primary PVC and ASA resin.

As one of the product lines of PVC roofing, it has the basic features of PVC roofing. In addition, they have outstanding advantages over conventional materials.

General structure of ASA PVC sheet

So what is the structure of the pvc sheet? This material consists of 4 layers with a very special structure. Find out below.

  • The first layer of this roofing sheet is a layer coated with ASA resin to prevent corrosion. Resists the effects of chemicals and cleans dirt. The top layer is less than 0.1 mm thick. So it is much lighter than other materials.
  • In addition, this layer is also covered with various color layers to suit many projects. Can be made bumps to increase aesthetics. The colors we often see in products such as: milky white, red, light yellow, orange, blue-gray…
  • The second layer is a layer made from PVC combined with other additives. This layer has the effect of making the product heat-resistant, impact-resistant and impact-resistant.
  • All are created with modern technological process, so the durability of the product can be guaranteed.< /li>
  • The 3rd layer is a layer also made of PVC but it has the effect of anti-sun, anti-glare. Very good noise and fire resistance. From there, it is possible to increase the toughness of the product.
  • The bottom layer is a high quality plastic layer that is smooth, flat and beautiful white. This layer makes the product more resistant to corrosion. Chemical resistant and durable against environmental influences.

Giá tôn nhựa pvc mới nhất năm 2021

PVC sheet specifications

Pvc sheet consists of 4 layers and the specifications of this product are as follows:

Standard name Units  5 wave corrugated iron parameter Six wave corrugated iron parameter
Thickness mm 2.5 – 3.0 2.5 – 3.0
Length m 3m – 4m – 5m … 3m – 4m – 5m …
Total width mm 1.120 1.080
Effective width mm 1.050 1,000
purlin spacing mm 600 – 800 600 – 800
Weight (by thickness) Kg/m2 3.7- 4.2 – 4.7 – 5.2 (±0.3) 3.7- 4.2 – 4.7 – 5.2 (±0.3)
Change in weight after soaking in 5% HCl (after 24h) % -0.11 -0.11
Change color after soaking in 5% HCL solution (after 24h) % No change No change

Properties of ASA PVC corrugated iron

It is not natural that pvc panels are so popular with so many people. That’s because they are made from a modern production process that meets international standards.

So they have many outstanding features compared to other common products. Some of the features we summarize are as follows:

  • Made from the main component of PVC, this product has all the properties of this high-class plastic.
  • Plastic corrugated iron surface is always shiny, smooth and self-cleaning.
  • Waterproof.
  • Pvc sheet has many times superior insulation performance compared to conventional products.
  • Has fire retardant properties so it is safe to use.
  • Withstands very strong impact
  • The installation method is simple and takes less time. Besides, the cleaning steps are also very easy and convenient.
  • This product contains no harmful substances.
  • No harm to humans, pets and the environment.
  • The color retention of this product is very special, the color is kept far superior to other materials.
  • When purchasing, the manufacturer will guarantee the durability of the pvc sheet for up to 30 years.

Latest pvc asa sheet price list in 2022

Questions about the price of products are often asked to us such as: how is the price list of pvc asa? How much is the roof sheet price? Asa pvc sheet is widely used today. Pvc asa corrugated iron how much is always a question of many customers. You can refer to the latest price list of PVC corrugated iron here:

Price quote for PVC ASA  2.0 mm.

True to the name, this is a type of corrugated iron with a thickness of 2.0 mm, weight 4.2kg/m, often used as interior and exterior partitions. The price of ASA 2.0 mm plastic sheet is about 150,000 VND/m2. This price is for reference only. Customers who need the exact price, please contact Hotline 0911.469.969 right away.

báo giá tôn nhựa pvc asa mới nhất

Price quote for ASA  2.5 mm PVC corrugated iron

Thickness 2.5 mm, weight 5.2kg/m. The product is priced at about 175,000 VND/m2. This price is for reference only. Customers who need the exact price, please contact Hotline 0911.469.969 right away.

Price quote for PVC corrugated iron ASA  3.0 mm

This corrugated iron is 3.0 mm thick and weighs 6.2kg/m. Product selling price is 190,000 VND/m2. This price is for reference only. Customers who need the exact price, please contact Hotline 0911.469.969 right away.

Detailed price of PVC roofing sheet in 2022 at GREEN BM

Product name Thickness Weight Unit Price
PVC ASA  2.0 mm corrugated board 2.0 mm 4.2kg/m Contact 0911,469.969
PVC ASA  2.5 mm corrugated iron 2.5 mm 5.2kg/m Contact 0911,469.969
PVC ASA  3.0 mm corrugated iron 3.0mm 6.2kg/m Contact 0911,469.969

Price list for PVC roofing sheet asa will be different between types of corrugated iron. Different types of corrugated iron with different thicknesses will also have different prices. Because there are many types of corrugated iron and each type of corrugated iron has different prices, please contact us via hotline: 0911469969   for advice on the right type of corrugated iron as well as to know the price of heat resistant corrugated iron.

Pvc corrugated iron

What types and patterns does this product include and which models are suitable for your project. Let’s learn about pvc corrugated iron with us.

Flat corrugated iron

True to its name, this type of corrugated iron has a flat form and is often used as a light roof. The advantage of this product is its light weight, good bearing capacity and brightness, so it is very popular. Their durability is up to several decades.

This type of corrugated iron is divided into two types: hollow plastic corrugated iron and solid plastic corrugated iron. Suitable for many projects such as: dome house, cover skylight, cover animal cage, light up corridor in shopping center,…

Plastic corrugated iron with 5 waves, 9 waves, 11 waves, 13 waves

Because the price of pvc corrugated iron is very cheap, the application is high, so it is trusted by many people. Only with corrugated pvc corrugated iron, there are also many specific applications as follows:

  • 5-wave plastic corrugated iron is used for roofs and walls of industrial buildings, especially industrial parks.</ li>
  • 9-wave plastic corrugated iron is a specialized product line used for roofs of factory buildings.
  • 11-wave plastic corrugated iron is often used in agricultural and seafood projects to help get light and insulate livestock.</ span>
  • 13-corrugated plastic sheet is a special product for high-rise buildings. Due to its high hardness and good heat resistance.

Bảng Báo Giá Tôn Nhựa PVC và phụ kiện lợp năm 2021

corrugated plastic corrugated iron tile

This type of corrugated iron is used for roofing of houses. Or industrial processing plants, agriculture,… Plastic corrugated iron is cheap and easy to install and has good heat resistance, so it is very popular.

Advantages of pvc asa corrugated iron

The reasons why you can’t ignore this product are as follows:

Super durable

The product is not deformed, difficult to crack like other materials and has a lifespan of up to several decades. In particular, they can withstand harsh natural conditions such as: rain, storm, thunderstorm,…


The product is coated with an ASA layer on the surface, so the thermal conductivity is reduced. Helps to effectively protect against sunlight and fire, very suitable for Vietnam’s climate. This feature is very suitable for the construction of large and small projects such as factories, factories, buildings, barns,…

Easy construction

Installation of this product is also very easy, not fussy and takes less time for customers. They are light in weight so they are easy to install. This is what every construction owner wants to have in the materials they choose.

Multi-feature integration

A lot of features are integrated in one product such as: anti-heat, anti-noise, fireproof, rain cover, anti-UV,… Besides it also very aesthetic.


With a 4-layer structure, PVC ASA roofing sheet has very good noise resistance. Suitable for projects that need soundproofing.

cập nhật giá tôn nhựa PVC

High security

This product is especially safe for humans and pets. It is resistant to corrosion even when immersed in 5% HCL solution. Effective resistance to fire and waterproofing.


The product does not contain substances harmful to humans and animals. Does not contain radioactive substances harmful to the environment, so it is very safe.

Variety of designs, high aesthetics

With a variety of designs and colors, it is suitable for many different projects. So customers can freely choose for themselves the most suitable products.

Cheap corrugated iron

The price of this roofing sheet is much cheaper than other materials on the market. But the features are far superior, so it is very trusted to use.

>>>Ref: 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron

Application of PVC corrugated iron 

Pvc asa corrugated iron is one of the cheapest materials. However, the price is not cheap but the quality is poor. This product has extremely high quality and very good applicability. Specifically as follows:

  • In daily life: Households often use this product to roof houses and gardens. Or cover the skylight, make a barn for livestock. With a low price, even not-so-well-off households can own this product.
  • In industry: Because of its high strength, good bearing capacity, long fading, fire resistance, corrosion resistance,.. This product is chosen by many people to construct factories, factories, industrial zones.
  • In commercial centers: As a roof for corridors, amusement parks,…</li >
  • In the restaurant and hotel industry: Restaurants, hotels, resorts because of its high aesthetics and outstanding soundproofing ability .

Bảng Giá Tôn Nhựa PVC ASA Lợp Mái

Where to buy 4-layer ASA PVC plastic sheet with good price in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently on the market, there are many units providing pvc asa products. However, not all establishments provide customers with the best products.

Green Plastic Tiles (GREEN BM) is a unit specializing in providing quality plastic corrugated iron products. The most secure and prestigious in the city. HCM. We are committed to quality products. There is a test certificate from the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality.

If you are looking for quality building material products. The price is affordable, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a direct consultation.

The above are details of pvc asa sheet price as well as all other product related information such as light plastic sheet, 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron,.. . Hopefully, customers will have the most overview about PVC ASA corrugated iron.

Wish you to choose product satisfied, suitable for my project. If you have any questions, contact us for more information.

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