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How to know the thickness of roofing corrugated iron

Thickness of roofing corrugated iron should be paid attention to for accurate calculation during current construction. This ensures that the project is completed in accordance with technical standards. In which, the corrugated iron roof should be paid the most attention so as not to affect other parts. Thanks to that, we can determine whether the quality of the corrugated iron roof is genuine or not?

What is the thickness of corrugated iron?

The thickness of the corrugated iron roof is considered a statistical indicator of the thickness of the roof. The higher the thickness index, the better the quality and durability of the corrugated iron.

However, this also means that the weight of the sheet is heavier. As a result, the bearing structure to ensure the stability of the building is also significantly increased.

Each type of corrugated iron will have different thicknesses, before construction is required to calculate the thickness of the roofing sheet. Where the unit of calculation is usually measured in zem units. 1 zem will be equal to 0.1mm.
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What is the thickness of the roofing sheet?

Most of the current types of roofing corrugated iron, when put on the market, have separate symbols. With the thickness of corrugated iron for easy classification and accurate calculation, ensuring the technical factors of each project, specific symbols are required.

This issue is often more concerned by construction professionals. But you also have to pay attention to look over it to make sure to consider the parameters when necessary.

The symbol for the thickness of the roofing sheet is denoted as MSC. In addition, there is also a product code, each type of product is marked by a different product code by the manufacturer for easy identification.

Lengths of common corrugated iron roofs

  • Galvanized steel sheet with thickness of: 0.32mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm,…
  • Tel Hoa Sen, has the thickness of corrugated iron: 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm,…
  • Cold corrugated iron with thickness of: 0.28mm, 3mm, 0.33mm, 0.3mm,…
  • Porous corrugated iron, with thickness of corrugated iron: 0.3mm to 0.6mm
  • Corrugated iron sheet, with corrugated iron thickness: 0.2mm to 0.6mm

The thickness of each type of corrugated iron will depend on the characteristics and properties of each project. Besides, it is also necessary to consider the financial conditions of the homeowner to choose the most suitable thickness.

This will help the project save costs, not leading to the case, the wrong calculation of the thickness will cause unnecessary waste.

Tips for checking the thickness of corrugated iron

With corrugated iron like corrugated plastic tile , Hoa Sen corrugated iron or roofing sheet we can rely on the observation of professional measuring tools. It is not possible to use the naked eye because it is easy to make unnecessary mistakes. Thus, accurate data will not be obtained, the specialized tool used here is a palmer or a check balance.

Palmer measuring tools are highly appreciated for their accuracy for cold and common types of steel today. This device is very easy to use just by having enough three points on the corrugated board position. Then calculate the average thickness and compare with similar thickness corrugated iron on the market. If the thickness is the same, we can calculate the price to choose the right type.

 Does the thickness of the roofing sheet have any effect on the house

Using a Palmer measuring device, it is possible to know the exact thickness and detect whether the corrugated iron is genuine, the quality is as stated by the manufacturer or not? The thickness measurement is generally not too complicated, you just need to take the weight per 1 meter of corrugated iron and keep it balanced on the weighing position. Finally, compare the thickness to the density kg/m2 of the correct corrugated iron with the brand of your choice to know the exact thickness.

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How much is the thickness of the roofing sheet?

The larger the corrugated iron thickness, the higher the weight and cost. However, in order to be able to choose the right thickness for the work to be safe during construction and durable in use. Thickness of safe roofing sheet for housing should choose corrugated iron with a thickness of 0.35mm.

If the financial condition is higher, the thickness can be selected from 0.45mm, 0.47mm or 0.50mm. This thickness ensures greater durability and aesthetics.


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