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How to distinguish cold corrugated iron and corrugated iron panel

Cold sheet and panel are two types of corrugated iron most commonly used in large and small projects across Vietnam. They are all used to make roofs for houses, warehouses, factories, etc. There are many people who wonder which product to choose for their projects. In the following article, we will distinguish between the two types of corrugated iron and help you find the product that best suits your needs.

Distinguish between cold sheet and panel   

These two types of corrugated iron are widely used, so many people do not know which product to choose for their projects. Below are detailed information to distinguish these two types of corrugated iron. Let’s follow together.

tôn panel

Cold tone

What is cold tone?

Cold corrugated iron is also known as zinc-aluminum coated steel sheet with the proportions of aluminum, zinc, silicon respectively: 55%, 43.5%, 1.5%. This is a type of corrugated iron that has good heat resistance, so it is often used as a protective outer layer. Cold corrugated iron is commonly used with 2 forms: 1-layer corrugated color cold corrugated iron and insulated corrugated iron.

This type of corrugated iron is often used for civil works. Cold corrugated iron is resistant to corrosion and withstands great pressure from the environment.

They have the outstanding feature of being 4 times more anti-rust than galvanized steel. At the same time, thanks to its ability to resist heat and limit heat absorption from the sun, this type of corrugated iron is called “cold sheet”.

Advantages of cold corrugated iron

  • With preeminent features such as: heat resistance, good heat resistance, sound insulation, effective noise resistance, bearing capacity . And good impact along with durability and high aesthetics,… . Cold corrugated iron is gradually replacing galvanized steel sheet in most large and small projects.
  • Easy, fast and convenient construction and transportation.
  • Very light weight so it is convenient for transportation and installation.

Disadvantage of cold corrugated iron

  • The cost of cold steel is usually higher than that of galvanized steel.

Tone Panel

What is panel tint?

Tel panels are also known as insulating panels or insulating foam sheets. They are composed of 3 layers: the outermost layer is galvanized sheet (cold corrugated iron). And the middle layer is insulation material, the innermost layer is galvanized sheet.

The outermost layer of corrugated iron is covered with a layer of powder coating with various colors. The middle layer is usually made from EPS foam or urethane or glass wool.

The innermost layer is designed with an extra layer of cold corrugated iron to increase heat resistance. Corrugated panel with 3 layers. In which, there are 2 layers of cold corrugated iron and 1 layer of foam with outstanding heat resistance, insulation. They are commonly used in large and small projects with extremely reasonable installation and cost.

Advantage of corrugated iron panel

  • Effective sound and heat insulation.
  • Fire resistance is good, so you can schedule a fire suppression.
  • Extremely light weight.
  • Durable and lifespan up to 50 years.
  • Fast installation time.

Disadvantage of corrugated iron panel

  • The horizontal bearing capacity of this product is not good.

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Some types of corrugated board

Tel panels are divided into many different types. Some commonly used types are:

Regular EPS Panel

This product is often used for industrial projects such as manufacturing factories and civil works. This type of corrugated iron is a heat resistant corrugated iron, so it is mainly used to resist heat. The price of this product is the cheapest of all types of corrugated iron panels.

tôn lạnh

Insulated EPS Panel

This is a sheet with outstanding heat resistance and heat resistance. The outside has a 0.4 – 0.6mm thick galvanized sheet, in the middle is a heat-resistant foam layer to increase heat resistance. The product is suitable for large projects such as restaurants, supermarkets, cold rooms, commercial centers,…

Fireproof EPS Panel

This product has a variety of colors, with a middle layer structure with a closed plastic particle structure, so it has heat insulation, fire resistance, soundproofing, and resistance. very high force.

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Panel GlassWool

This is a strictly manufactured corrugated iron model. They are composed of 2 layers of galvanized steel on the outside and fiberglass inside. With such a structure, the corrugated iron roof when installed will have very good heat resistance and heat resistance.

Panel PU/PR

This type of corrugated iron is extremely good thermal insulation and has the ability to prevent airborne pollution in many buildings.


The above is detailed information about cold corrugated iron and panel corrugated iron. Company Plastic Tiles we supply Supply and construction of PVC ASA corrugated iron and tile. Guaranteed reputation and quality.

Hopefully, that will be the info useful to help customers choose the most suitable product for their project. If you have any questions, please contact us for a free consultation.

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