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How to calculate the distance of simple corrugated iron purlins

Does the distance of corrugated iron purlins need to be calculated? Most of us are only interested in what characteristics does a corrugated iron roof have? How much does it cost and forget to consider the most standard purlin distance factor, so that the finished roof floor is not without risk.

What is the concept of purlin?

Purlin is a structure that resembles a letter or resembles a groove structure. It is linked to the horizontal section at a position along the body. Purlins will be loaded thanks to the strength of the walls surrounding the house location.

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What is the role of the purlin?

Purlins are considered to be the part used mainly on the roof of civil buildings or factory buildings. Most of these buildings have mainly steel structures.

It will have the effect of carrying the load and can be linked with nearby corrugated iron roof panels. This is one of the essential advantages of current purlins in constructions.

Classification of purlins?

Based on production materials and design shapes, purlins are divided into the following basic types:

purlins classified based on production materials

Aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel purlin:

This type of purlin is made from hot rolled and cold rolled steel. It will then be coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy coating on its surface.

The advantage of galvanized steel purlin is that it has great bearing capacity and is resistant to the effects of oxidation due to environmental influences. Therefore, aesthetics and environmental friendliness are always appreciated in today’s purlins.

Black steel purlin is a type of purlin:

Unlike other purlins, this purlin is made entirely from high-grade steel as the main material. It is manufactured based on the high-tech hot-rolling process of steel.

Therefore, the product quality is also good, with light weight, fire resistance, no environmental pollution and certain durability.

purlins classified based on design

Purlin type C or Z are considered the two most popular types today. This type of purlin is manufactured according to Japanese and European standards. Therefore, the best quality is always guaranteed.

The strength and deflection of purlins are always within the allowable frame. Purlins C and lowercase have very diverse sizes, including: 80, 125, 150, 180,… The average thickness is from 1.5mm to 3mm.

Why do we need to calculate the distance of corrugated iron purlin?

Purlins play an essential role to support and act as a load-bearing fulcrum associated with the corrugated iron roof. So when we have the exact distance calculation. You will contribute to solving many problems in the process before and after construction.

This not only saves time but also saves installation and repair costs if there are errors.

Ensure safety when designing and building today. When you calculate the right size, workers only need to install the right position according to the technical standards. This ensures the ability of the purlin to withstand the load and the general structure of the house.

Helps increase the durability of the building, prolonging its service life. Of course, you don’t need to spend too much effort to remove and install when building. Therefore, the durability of the purlin is also improved and the corrugated iron roof has a better service life.

Finally, it saves construction costs and works better. Limit additional costs during the construction process.

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The most standard formula for calculating corrugated iron roof purlin

Determine the distance of purlins from the corrugated iron roof based on the following factors:

The structure of the roof is purlin (arm) in terms of thickness, rafter and corrugated iron sheets.

Calculate the slope of the roof, based on factors such as the length to be drained. Besides, there is rainwater flow and aesthetics of the building. Accordingly, the formula for calculating slope of corrugated iron is noted as follows: Slope of corrugated iron = Roof height/roof length. Normally, the slope of the purlin corrugated iron roof from 70 to 120 cm is reasonable.

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Determining the distance of purlins of the corrugated iron roof

The distance is arranged for each different type of truss frame with many different layouts. The 2-layer truss frame has a suitable distance of 110cm – 120cm. With a 3-layer truss frame, the ideal distance is 80 to 90 cm.

Calculate the distance of purlins from corrugated iron roofs based on feng shui factors

Purlins according to feng shui elements have a specific arrangement such as: Birth – Pillar – Pillar – Destroy – Destruction

Calculation formula: SINH=[4 x n +1]

In which, the components are understood as follows: “n” number of repetition cycles.

The first purlin bar will be BIRTH, the second will be the Pillar, the third will be Hoar, the fourth will be annihilation,…

Calculate purlins based on age factor

Calculation based on the five elements, see the purlin based on the age to have appropriate feng shui as follows:

Based on the number of years of birth in can – which genus belongs to the owner. From there, there is a table Truc – Age through which to determine which owner will be located in Truc. Then take the storm as the owner and start at Truc of the owner and then count down to the number of steps 1 like that.

The next step is to find the husband’s husband to be considered complete. Finally, it is left to consider the evaluation of Truc Chi and Truc father in terms of the five elements. If birth is good, if engraved, it is bad.


Thus, through this article, we have shared about the distance of corrugated iron purlins, based on many determining factors. Hope this information can help you in the process of building a better project.

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