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High Quality ASA/PVC Plastic Tiles Green BM

ASA / PVC plastic tile is a product made from Eco-Plastic which is very popular today. They are used in many applications in life, mainly as roofs, suitable in urban architecture, civil houses, buildings, factories as well as high-class villas, garages, or other architectural structures. antique dress.

What is ASA/PVC resin?

– ASA resin (Acrylonitrile – Acrylic Rubber – Styrene) was born as an upgraded product from ABS (Acrylonitrile – Butadiene – Styrene). ASA plastic still retains the toughness and surface hardness like ABS, but instead of using Butadiene, the researchers chose Acrylic Rubber because of its excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance.

Simply, we can understand that ASA resin is a high-class plastic product line upgraded from ABS plastic with better features thanks to the Acrylic Rubber component that retains gloss, color and mechanical properties when exposed to external light. God. It has good chemical and heat resistance, high gloss, good antistatic. Plastic roofing should use this special ASA resin for use in outdoor applications that require long-term stability and absolute weather resistance.

– PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic was created the earliest in the history of plastic industry from artificial synthesis of vinyl chloride when exposed to sunlight. PVC resin comes in the form of a white or yellow powder. Exists in two forms:

+ Suspension (PVC.S – PVC Suspension) with large particle size from 20 – 150 microns.

+ Emulsion  (PVC.E – PVC Emulsion) has high smoothness.

Non-toxic PVC plastic, poor bearing, to increase impact resistance PVC will be mixed with ASA. ASA can be processed by multi-layer extrusion and extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding, blow extrusion, and structural foam molding. During the production process, plastic corrugated iron and asa plastic tiles are pressed and shaped into PVC plastic into layers, then cut into shapes of 7 wave tiles, 5 square wave corrugated iron, 6 square wave corrugated iron,…

Structure of ASA/PVC corrugated iron and tile

Tôn Ngói Nhựa ASA/PVC Cao Cấp Green BM

ASA/PVC plastic corrugated iron has a general structure of 4 layers:

+ Top layer: The surface is covered with ASA resin to resist chemicals, anti-corrosion and clean dirt. Having a thickness of less than 0.1 mm makes plastic sheet much lighter than other materials. They are also covered with layers of color or create lumps to increase the aesthetics and diversity of the corrugated board. They have many different colors such as: milky white, light yellow, blue gray …

+ The second layer is the bearing and impact resistant layer. This layer is again made from PVC, and other additive compounds are added. Made from a special heat-resistant formula, with modern technological processes to ensure the durability of plastic corrugated board.

+ 3rd layer: This layer is also made from PVC, anti-light. It has the function of fireproof, heatproof, soundproof very well. Increase the toughness of corrugated board

+ The bottom layer is high quality plastic with smooth white color. Has a relatively smooth and beautiful flat surface. Has anti-corrosion, chemical, and antioxidant properties, as well as against environmental influences. Very strong bearing capacity.

Specifications of ASA/PVC 4 layers corrugated iron sheet

Tôn Ngói Nhựa ASA/PVC Cao Cấp Green BM

Roofing a corrugated iron roof for a house, factory or awning is not simply a matter of simply installing a piece of corrugated iron on an existing frame, but along with it are indispensable accessories. To have a beautiful corrugated iron roof, we should use accessories that are consistent in quality and color. If you are using Green BM ‘s High Quality ASA/PVC Plastic Tile, you must use additional accessories to make the roof complete and beautiful.

Tôn Ngói Nhựa ASA/PVC Cao Cấp Green BM

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