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Green building is an inevitable development trend in the construction industry

Currently, the development of green buildings (CTX) in Vietnam is still in the early stages and there are not many really effective activities. Therefore, in the next 5 years, the Vietnam Real Estate Association will propose to develop mechanisms, policies and legal corridors and mobilize real estate developers to actively participate in the development of CTX. of the country, a trend that is considered inevitable in the construction industry.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thu Nhan, CTX Manager, of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), in the past 10 years, the average construction growth in Vietnam has reached 12% and the urbanization rate is 3.4%/year. five. Construction works in Vietnam are using about 36% of the country’s total energy consumption, of which electrical energy accounts for 33%, contributes 25% to total greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for one-third of the total. CO2 emissions, the main driver of global climate change. Construction value is forecasted to reach 14 billion USD in 2021, of which increasing in the high-density housing segment, Vietnam will still suffer many ecological losses if no measures are taken to promote industrial development. efficient use of resources.

With a total of 61 CTX up to this point, Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Association Nguyen Tran Nam commented, this is a too modest number compared to the development speed of construction works in Vietnam. . The movement to develop cooperatives in Vietnam has just taken its first steps, has not had many really effective activities and has not received adequate attention from the society.

Công trình xanh - xu hướng phát triển tất yếu trong ngành xây dựng

While it can bring many great benefits to the economy and the environment. For the real estate market alone, the world has proven that the application of CTX development brings many added values, creating sustainable development for the construction industry and the real estate market.

Explaining this “modest”, Trinh Tung Bach, CTX Development Manager of Capital House Group, said that the current obstacle is that most investors and homebuyers are not fully aware of the benefits. of CTX. Many investors also think that making CTX will increase the cost by 10-20%. But in fact, at Capital House projects, thanks to the application of technology, the investor has helped residents save electricity and water bills by nearly 30%. That said, CTX development is an inevitable trend whose biggest result is saving resources for future generations.

At the kick-off seminar “CTX development program in Vietnam” recently organized by the Vietnam Real Estate Association, Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam said that, although the response was slower than the world, in recent years, Vietnam has There are many active activities, typically the promulgation of the “National Strategy on Climate Change” in 2011 and the “National Strategy on Green Growth” in 2012.

To concretize these strategies, the Ministry of Construction has issued “Action plan of the construction industry on green growth to 2020, orientation to 2030”; in which, attracting real estate businesses to develop cooperatives nationwide, creating a basic foundation for the formation of a “green” real estate market in Vietnam.

Công trình xanh - xu hướng phát triển tất yếu trong ngành xây dựng

Mr. Nam said, in the first 5 years (2017 – 2022), the “CTX development program in Vietnam” will focus on implementing 3 key tasks: Organizing research, making recommendations to the Government The Government aims to contribute to building a system of mechanisms, policies, sets of criteria – standards, creating a favorable, practical, effective and scientific legal corridor to promote the fast and sustainable development of agroforestry in Vietnam. steady; organize training, training, improve knowledge and awareness about CTX for real estate developers; Mobilize real estate developers to actively and effectively participate in the national CTX development.

To encourage the participation of businesses, Ms. Luu Thi Thanh Mau, General Director of Phuc Khang Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association. Ho Chi Minh suggested that state management agencies soon issue mechanisms to encourage investment in cooperatives, develop preferential policies for investors in tax, administrative procedures, planning coefficients, unit prices. Design and build. Moreover, it is necessary for the understanding and companionship of the media to raise people’s awareness about green waste and environmental protection and to focus on sustainable development for future generations.

At the conference, many large enterprises and corporations such as Capital House, Viglacera, CEO Group, Alphanam, Phuc Khang… signed a contract to respond to the “CTX development program in Vietnam” in the next 5 years. In which, Capital House is the pioneer and committed to sponsor 1 million USD for the program.

CTX is a building that minimizes adverse impacts on the natural environment and human health through the efficient use of energy, water and resources; protect the health of users and improve labor productivity; reduce waste, pollution and environmental damage…