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Great solutions to help prevent heat in the attic

Solution against heat for the attic like. Which is of particular interest to investors or project owners. Especially for large projects with high-rise buildings being built. Currently, the earth is getting hotter and hotter. So in Vietnam, the temperature is quite large in the summer. The level of urbanization is increasing, so high-rise buildings are also mushrooming. Since then, solving the problem of heat resistance for the attic is a very important question. Follow this article to get the above questions answered.

Why do you need to protect the attic from heat?

The attic is the floor that is located at the top of a building, where it is closest to the sun. Therefore, the temperature in this layer is always higher. Compared to other places of the building. In particular, the taller the building, the more important it is to prevent heat from the attic. Therefore, project owners always have to consider long-term plans. Heat resistant for this part of the house.

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The most effective anti-heat solution for the pressure floor

Know the importance of heat protection for the attic. So many project owners have a headache in finding solutions. Here are some of the simplest ways that we want to share with you over the years. Hope you will pay attention.

Heat protection for attic floors with ceilings and drywall

This is a popular solution for effective insulation. For many projects especially high-rise buildings. According to today’s leading construction engineers, the application of plaster walls and ceilings can help reduce the amount of heat absorbed by up to 30%. This way is very convenient because whether the homeowner makes a floating or sunken ceiling system, it can be used.

In addition, when constructing, you can use an extra layer of glass wool above the plaster ceiling to achieve the best insulation effect.

With the walls in the West or the direction of direct heat, you can do the same as with the plaster ceiling to reduce the amount of heat absorbed directly for the attic.

Ref: Three-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron

Solution against heat for the attic by using insulating corrugated iron and insulating paint

Compared to using conventional corrugated iron, heat-insulating corrugated iron is a reliable choice to help homeowners reduce a large amount of heat from the outside. At the same time, this type of corrugated iron can also soundproof, fireproof, prevent UV rays, … extremely well. On the market, this product is priced very suitable for all projects.

Homeowners can also use additional insulation paint for the wall to limit the absorption of heat through the wall. According to studies, paint insulation can make the air inside the house up to 15 degrees cooler than outside.

Therefore, if using a combination of insulating corrugated iron, insulating paint and plaster ceiling, the problem of heat resistance for the attic floor does not seem to be a concern anymore.

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Solution against heat for the attic by using tiled concrete roof

This is the method applied to buildings using roof tiles. When using this method, the attic floor will both be able to insulate. It is also extremely effective against dust.

In addition, this method also helps to waterproof and increase the strength of the roof when facing storms. However, this solution has a disadvantage that is the construction cost is more expensive than other solutions.

In case the height of the attic cannot close the ceiling, homeowners can choose this way to bring a cool feeling to the space inside the attic.

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Preventing heat for the attic with a misting system

If the roof of the building is made of corrugated iron. The method of spraying mist on the roof is often applied by many homeowners. This solution is both cost-effective and can help reduce 5-10 degrees Celsius in the room.

The sprinkler system on the roof works according to the mechanism: water is compressed under high pressure, sprayed through the designed hoses. And transforms into mist to cool the roof and remove the heat on it.


Above is information about the best ways to prevent heat for the attic today. We hope that you can choose the most suitable solution for yourself. With your needs and financial capabilities.

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