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Excellent composition of green plastic tile (GREEN BM)

Main components of PVC/ASA GREEN BM:

  1. Chemical resistant, UV resistant ASA resin with super color fastness additives
  2. PVC layer for insulation, strength and light penetration increases heat resistance and soundproofing.
  3. Self-cleaning ASA resin, anti-fouling, good fire resistance (fireproof).

Besides, Green BM PVC/ASA sheet guarantees 10 years without fading and 20 years without damage. Simple installation, reduced from 6-8 degrees Celsius compared to conventional iron sheets.

Thành phần chính của Tôn nhựa PVC/ASA GREEN BM

advantages of PVC/ASA corrugated iron

The synthetic plastic sheet product of Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company (GREEN BM) is a material produced by extrusion shrink technology ( extrusion) advanced & special production process. Used high-tech ASA technology. The product looks fake & color does not fade. Mainly used in roofs, factories, villas, pavilions, gardens, welcome gates, eco-tourism areas,….

  • Vivid colors & Long-lasting over the years: The surface of PVC corrugated iron uses super weatherproof ASA synthetic resin, the product can ensure outdoor use and extremely long use time in the outdoor natural environment.< /span>
  • Strength & Excellent load-bearing: PVC/ASA sheet is tested by the national chemical building materials testing center. In the 660mm support range, the load capacity is 150kg. Plastic corrugated iron will not crack and damage.
  • Absolute anti-corrosion: PVC/ASA sheet is an excellent choice for harsh climates (warehouses, manufacturing, coastal areas) , the product can resist the corrosion of acids, alkalis, salts & some organic solution for a long time.
  • Self-cleaning performance: Surface of hard plastic corrugated iron & smooth. Product has Lotus Lotus effect & not easy to absorb dust. The corrugated iron surface can be self-cleaning under rainwater.
  • High fireproof performance: PVC/ASA sheet is a kind of fireproof material, the product has been tested by building materials testing center national chemistry & rated as class B1 flame retardant.
  • Good impact resistance: PVC/ASA GREEN BM sheet is resistant to strong impacts in high temperature conditions & Its resistance to impact at high temperatures is also remarkable.

Thành phần chính của Tôn nhựa PVC/ASA GREEN BM

  • Good sound insulation: Beautifully designed surface & It has been proven by experiments that PVC/ASA sheet has good noise-resisting effect, has excellent sound insulation effect, is more noticeable when affected by external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind.
  • Absolute waterproof performance: PVC/ASA sheet is a dense and waterproof synthetic resin. The product’s width is 45% wider than traditional tile and the roof joints are less. Therefore, the waterproofing performance of the PVC composite tile is much higher than that of the traditional tile.
  • Insulation against heat: low heat retention helps the product to have a higher insulation capacity than conventional roofing sheets.

Specifications of PVC/ASA GREEN BM corrugated sheet:

  • Thickness:  2.5mm, 3.3mm.
  • Wave spacing: 210 – 250mm
  • Actual size: 960mm 
  • Product specification: 1,050mm (regular size).

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