Dome Roof

What is a corrugated iron dome? Nowadays, corrugated iron roofs are widely used. In addition to the effective sun and rain shading functions, the corrugated iron roof is also very durable over time and has a very high ability to withstand heavy rain and storms.

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Shrimp dome is made from iron or stainless steel frame, processed carefully and covered with a layer of electrostatic paint. Therefore, the corrugated iron roof products are very sturdy, not clinging to moss. There are many styles of shrimp arches to choose from such as 9-wave arches, 5-wave arches, inverted arches, wind roofs and canopy corrugated irons, etc. There are also types of cold and heat resistant corrugated iron with many convenient features. Choosing a corrugated iron roof will be a great thing for you.

Important parts of corrugated iron dome

Corrugated iron sheet is the most important part of a dome. Often re-bent according to physical and design levels. The longitudinal joints of the corrugated board are usually joined together by glue. During construction, these joints should not be placed at the top of the arch. The support bars are the part usually made of very strong steel to support the corrugated iron part of the dome. PVC bars used to make door frames, wing frames, steel boxes, safety glass, and tempered glass The glass box is injected with inert gas to reduce the transmission of sound and heat.

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Popular types of corrugated iron domes

Rolling dome corrugated iron roof: Rolling dome corrugated iron roof is a type of corrugated iron roof with the top part, the effective radius to ensure good drainage is 80m.

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The corrugated iron sheets used for rolling dome corrugated iron must be bent with a reasonable radius. In addition, people can also use bent corrugated iron when bending waves to design.

Embossed corrugated iron roof

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Stamped dome is one of the most beautiful corrugated iron roofs today. The corrugated iron sheets are bent into 3/4 of a circle. But according to engineers, it is reasonable to bend the corrugated iron sheet with ½ of a circle to create safety for the corrugated iron roof, making it easier to transport.

Pros and cons of corrugated iron domes


The corrugated iron roof has the ability to bend to create an arched shape, which is very convenient for longitudinal joining and assembly, convenient for employees during transportation as well as creating maximum safety for curved corrugated iron sheets. . The dome is made of high-quality canvas material and a sturdy metal frame, so the sunshade and rain cover will be very effective. With the perpendicular bearing frame design, it will increase the ability to withstand impacts from the environment. The arch is convenient and simple to install. Dome corrugated iron has high durability and efficiency, there are many designs for you to choose for your project such as 9 wave dome, 5 wave arch, inverted arch, wind roof and canopy corrugated iron. .

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However, the construction and installation time of corrugated iron roofs is often much longer than that of conventional roofs. The corrugated iron roof frame is required to bear a great deal of force. In addition, because of the use of corrugated iron, it often makes a loud sound when there is a collision, making it easy to feel uncomfortable, especially at night.