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Do you know what xps foam sheet is?

What is xps foam? Among the current construction materials that meet the criteria of high durability and superior performance, XPS foam cannot be ignored. This material is used for soundproofing, heat insulation against heat and good wall waterproofing. To help customers who are in need of learning more about the product, our company has the following information to share:

What is XPS foam board?

XPS foam board is also known by the common name XPS foam. This is a specialized material for soundproofing, heat-insulating, and moisture-proof belonging to a high-end product line. The reason it is called a high-class product is thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

Outstanding advantages of XPS foam sheet

Superior XPS foam sheet material

XPS foam board is mainly manufactured from self-contained Extruded Polystyrene molecules. The product has outstanding rigidity. And more effective than other common materials today. Therefore, it is chosen by many contractors for large-scale construction projects.

Good heat resistance

XPS foam board is called by experts by the name of foam insulation board. Because the product is famous for its thermal conductivity up to 0.0289w/m.k. So the product is one of the perfect candidates for serving today’s insulation needs.

Long-term durability

Thanks to its high mechanical properties and stability in terms of physical structure. So the current XPS sheet is very high, the average life of the material is up to 50 years, maybe even longer than the actual number attests. However, the insulation ability when used over twenty years can be reduced by 15 to 20%.

Withstand high compression

Compared with EPS foam insulation materials, cemboard panels, XPS panels can be said to receive more advantages in terms of use when using actual conditions. Because right from the manufacturing process, the product has been rolled and punched to create a uniform surface interspersed with concave cells on the surface.

This helps the product to withstand compression better than other products. In addition, the XPS sheet also promotes the elasticity of the original structure after being subjected to compression.

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Good moisture resistance

XPS material is composed of fully punched and punched molecules. So their use is to be able to prevent water and improve moisture resistance. According to experts, the water absorption capacity of this material is only 1% of their total volume.

Compared to other materials, its moisture resistance is only 1/10 of other materials on the market.

The inside of the XPS structure has been hermetically sealed. The inside is equipped with air bubbles to increase elasticity. The air bubbles also contribute to a more effective moisture-proof product.

Special soundproofing effect

In addition to the use of moisture or heat insulation, XPS panels also promote sound insulation. Now when you install XPS panels for your home, you won’t have to worry about outside noise anymore.

Therefore, it is not only chosen by people but also installed by restaurants, hotels and amusement parks. In addition, the product is also highly aesthetic, so it is suitable for use as a decorative material.

What is xps foam, is it safe to be environmentally friendly and healthy for modern people

The XPS sheet is considered to have a fairly stable chemical structure. So in the process of using, do not worry about health hazards. Limit the risk of causing mold, decomposition or corrosion in erratic weather conditions in Vietnam.

This is a high-quality material that is both safe and friendly to the environment and human health. Even the excess materials can be reused and disposed of towards recycling without harming the environment.

High durability, quick construction and easy maintenance

XPS panels help the construction worker can reduce the working time significantly. Since it is designed with high quality and durability in mind, transportation is quite simple. All installation stages are also handled quickly, no need for regular maintenance.

lợp xốp XPS như thế nào ?

What are XPS panels used for?

XPS panels are mainly used for the main purpose of heat insulation, sound insulation and moisture resistance for many projects. Many commercial centers, supermarkets, service stores, supermarkets choose XPS panels for long-term use. Because it is both environmentally friendly and limits the risk of affecting human health.

When choosing to use XPS panels correctly, it will contribute to improving the quality of the work, adding safety and usefulness, prolonging its lifespan and sustainability over time. If the space in your room is subject to prolonged mold or mildew, or is affected by noise.

Using an XPS sheet is also an effective method restrictions these problems appear. Thereby improving convenience and quality of life every day.


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