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Do you know how much polycarbonate sheet weight?

Weight of polycarbonate sheet determines the strength of the building after completion. Therefore, the selection of polycarbonate roofing sheets to ensure the specifications is the most important focus of the contractor. Depending on the thickness as well as weight and size, the appropriate material will be applied for each type of construction to ensure safety.

Weight of polycarbonate roofing sheets

Polycarbonate sheet is one of the most popular construction materials in Vietnam. Not only because the product is suitable for use in the weather conditions in tropical countries, but also because its use and durability can accompany the user for a long time.

The criteria of most customers, are important in terms of durability and usability. So when it comes to polycarbonate sheets, customers can rest assured, because the product has received positive recognition in the market today.

To help you find out exactly about the size, thickness and weight of poly sheet, is it suitable for your project? We would like to provide some specific information for each type of poly sheet as follows:

Weight of hollow polycarbonate sheet

With their hollow poly sheets, this is a product line with many outstanding advantages, accompanied by a fairly stable price. Therefore, it is chosen by the majority of customers for their projects. Check out the features and weight of this product!

– Solit sheet brand – Solarlite

Features: Without UV coating / With UV coating – Weight: 14.5kg.

Dimensions: 2.1m*5.8,m – ​​Thickness: 5.0mm.

– Brand Solarlite – Twinlite

Features: With UV coating – Weight: 17.0 kg.

Dimensions: 2.1m x 5.8m – Thickness: 6.0mm.

– Twinlite brand:

Features with UV coating – Weight: 22.0 kg

Dimensions: 2.1m x 5.8mm – Thickness: 10.0 mm.

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Weight of solid poly sheet

Solid poly sheet from Solarflat brand with UV coating properties is marketed in many different price segments. The heavier the weight, the higher the cost to purchase the product.

Thickness: 1.2mm – Dimensions 1m/1.22 mx 50m – Weight 1.4 kg/m2

Thickness: 2mm – Dimensions 1.22m/1.52m*30m – Weight 2.4 kg/m2.

Thickness: 2.8mm – Dimensions 1.22m/1.52m x 20m/30m – Weight 3.6 kg/m2.

Thickness: 3mm – Dimensions 1.22m/1.52m x 20m/30m – Weight 4.8 kg/m2.

Thickness: 3.8mm – Dimensions 1.22m/1.52m x 20m/30m – Weight 5.64 kg/m2.

Thickness: 5mm – Dimensions 1.22m/1.52m x 20m/30m – Weight 6.0 kg/m2.

Thickness: 6mm – Dimensions 1.22m/1.52m x 20m/30m – Weight 7.2 kg/m2.

Thickness: 8mm – Dimensions 1.22m/1.52m x 20m/30m – Weight 9.6 kg/m2.

Thickness: 10mm _ Dimensions 1.22m/1.52m x 20m/30m – Weight 12.0  kg/m2.

Weight of corrugated polycarbonate sheet

Bright polycarbonate corrugated iron from the famous brand Solartuff. There is an average size of 1 sheet from 820 or 860mm * 2400mm long (Width x length). Has a thickness of 0.8 mm, with a weight of 0.96 kg/m2. The standard thickness of the product from 1mm to 1.5mm is usually not too big of a difference with the standard thickness of 0.8mm.

Supply of full weight and dimension polycarbonate sheet

Company Plastic Tiles Green (GREEN) BM) specializes in providing top quality polycarbonate roofing sheets in Ho Chi Minh City area. As a professional unit operating for many years in the field of supplying construction materials for many large-scale projects. We offer a wide selection of models, sizes and weights.

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As such, we have provided you with a table of information regarding specific polycarbonate sheet weights in this article. Customers need to use building materials in large quantities.

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