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Cool ways to cool corrugated iron roofs for factories

Cooling the corrugated iron roof for the factory how do you know? The weather in Vietnam is usually very hot in the summer in the North and all year round in the South. Therefore, making a good roof in hot summer days is very necessary. With simple ways, you will bring a comfortable space and the temperature is much lower than outside. So what are the ways to do it? Let’s find out with us right in the article below.

The most effective ways to cool the corrugated iron roof for the factory

Hot weather can easily make you feel uncomfortable and affect your health. In particular, with the days when the weather reaches a peak of 40-50 degrees Celsius, in factories, you need to have the most effective heat-resistant measures. Only when the heat resistance for the corrugated iron roof of the factory is good will the workers have good working conditions, and at the same time ensure their health and work productivity.

Nowadays, as technology advances, there are more and more ways. So that people can perform heat protection for the roof of the factory. Some of the most commonly used measures are:

  • Use heat-resistant corrugated iron
  • Use airbag insulation
  • Use mineral wool
  • Use glass wool
  • Use heat resistant paint
  • Use of industrial coolers,…

Let’s find out in detail each specific measure.

Use of heat-resistant corrugated iron

Heat-resistant corrugated iron is one of the roofing materials used a lot in recent years. With a higher price than ordinary corrugated iron, this product is also considered quite carefully before use. For those who need to resist heat for the roof of the factory, using this material will be the right choice.

giải pháp làm mát mái tôn

Heat resistant corrugated iron has the following characteristics:

  • Extremely good heat resistance, up to 92% heat resistance, so the air inside the factory is always much cooler.
  • Good resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  • Up to 98% UV protection to help protect your skin.
  • Light weight makes it easy to transport and install,…

Installing ventilation system for factory

The ventilation system for the factory will help the hot air inside to be transmitted to the outside. From there, the air inside will always be maintained at a much more stable and comfortable level.

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Use insulation paint for corrugated iron roof

Factories that make roofs with corrugated iron can use insulation paint to paint on the top surface of corrugated iron. This way will make the heat resistance of the corrugated iron roof much better. Therefore, the working space of the workshop will be significantly improved.

Cooling the corrugated iron roof for the factory: Using an industrial cooler

Industrial coolers are machines that are used a lot for large factories. This type of machine both helps to cool the factory air. Both help save energy for business owners. Industrial coolers work by transferring cool steam from the outside environment and pushing hot air from the inside to the outside.

Using an industrial cooler will help you reduce a lot of costs and ensure working conditions for workers.

Using a misting system on the roof

This is a widely used option for factories that often face hot sun. Water will be transmitted to the misting system and form mist on the roof. They will help the roof immediately reduce the temperature and the atmosphere inside the factory is also more comfortable.

However, the misting system is only suitable for small-scale workshops. Enterprises with large factory systems need to use other stronger measures.

làm mát mái tôn nên làm cách nào

Use a cooling fan

The steam fan works on the principle of pumping water into the cooling system. Then when the water is at low temperature, it will be converted into mist and sprayed out into the air. At this time, the air at the workplace of the factory will become cooler.

The cooling process of the steam fan is very fast, so the heat protection will be carried out almost immediately.


Above are the most detailed information about the ways to cool the corrugated iron roof for the factory that we want to share with you. Hopefully with this information, you can have the most effective anti-heat solutions for you.

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