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Construction industry with many bright prospects

FPT Securities Joint Stock Company (FPTS) has just released a report on the construction industry, according to which FPTS believes that in the coming time, the construction industries (civil, industrial, infrastructure) have positive prospects.

Specifically, the Civil Construction sector in the near future will be supported by the Law on Housing (amended) 2014. Specifically, the Law on Housing 2014 allows foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam. will be an important driving force in Vietnam’s real estate market. Currently, it is estimated that only about 500/80,000 foreigners in Vietnam own a home. Therefore, this policy easing is likely to create a large demand in the high-end segment.

Besides, the introduction of a credit package of VND 30,000 billion is very important in the difficult situation of the real estate industry in the period 2013-2014. It also opened up a new direction to relieve the difficulties in the industry at that time. Currently, there are about 91 social housing projects (social housing) being implemented with a total investment of 28,500 billion VND, including 55,830 apartments converted from commercial housing to social housing.

By 2020, our country will have about 4.2 million workers with housing needs equivalent to about 33.6 million m2. In which, it is estimated that our country will need about 430,000 apartments for low-income people, corresponding to 17.8 million m2 and an investment capital of about 100,000-120,000 billion.

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The economic situation of our country is increasingly improving, also with the support of the government from lowering the basic interest rate and stimulus policies. The situation of the real estate market started to warm up at the end of 2014 and this trend is expected to continue in 2015. Therefore, real estate companies are currently implementing big projects such as Vinhome Tan Cang, Dai Quang Minh and a number of projects are starting up such as Lotte Smart Complex ($2 billion), Amata City – Long Thanh ($530 million) and Hanoi West Gate – Kepple Land ($140 million).

For the Industrial Construction sector, the amount of investment capital in the manufacturing industry always accounts for the highest proportion in the FDI capital structure (40-50%), equivalent to an average disbursement of 4-5 billion USD. /five. Currently, our country is participating in the negotiation of 6 new FTAs, including TPP, along with improvements in logistics system and business environment. Therefore, the prospects of the industrial construction industry are assessed positively in the coming years.

In 2014, a number of important industrial projects were implemented including Samsung CE Complex project in HCM Hi-Tech Park ($1.4 billion), Samsung Display project in Bac Ninh (1 billion USD) and Samsung Display project in Bac Ninh province (1 billion USD). project of Texhong Ngan Ha company in Quang Ninh (300 million USD). In 2015, FDI enterprises are expected to continue implementing many important projects such as the LG factory expansion project (2 billion USD) and the Wintek expansion project in Bac Giang (1.12 billion USD).

The prospects of the infrastructure construction industry are also evaluated positively by FPTS in the coming time. According to statistics, Vietnam has about 40% of the number of roads in the transport system with low and very low quality. As a result, the estimated capital required for road system upgrading will reach US$48-60 billion by 2020, equivalent to an annual investment need of about VND202,000 billion/year.

In addition, the Government has also planned to build 26 airports (10 international airports and 16 domestic airports) by 2020. In which, the most prominent is the Long Thanh International Airport (Dong) project. Nai) with a total investment capital of about 10 billion USD.

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