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Composite plastic gutters at Green Plastic Tiles GREEN BM

composite plastic gutter is trusted by customers because of its higher quality than traditional corrugated iron or traditional stainless steel. Composite gutters are cheaper, more durable. With high applicability, suitable for all construction projects. The product is increasingly receiving the trust of most customers. Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) specializes in supplying plastic gutters nationwide. Contact hotline: 0943.759119.

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Composite plastic gutter product information

Gutters made from corrugated iron or stainless steel did not meet the safety criteria. Certain durability for projects requiring high solidity. Occurrence of composite gutter is the perfect choice for many projects .


  • Gutter includes: gutter seepage, Gutter stopper, gutter funnel, Gutter connection
  • Gutter has 2 types: 3m and 6m

Various composite gutter sizes:

  • Small type: Bottom 135- High 130- Width 210mm
  • Medium: Bottom 185,- Height 180, – Width 290 mm
  • Large type: bottom 255, – High 270- Width 330 mm

Composite rainwater trough with high temperature resistance, soundproofing properties. Limit environmental impact, anti-reflection. Free from chemical contamination and meets the most demanding construction standards.

Application of composite plastic gutters

Plastic gutters are suitable for many types of simple to complex projects, modern or traditional. In which, such as building houses, factories, warehouses, large-scale factories, villas, coastal hotels….

For factories and warehouses, it is necessary to have standards to ensure that rainwater does not affect preserved products. Use this type of gutter to hold water and help it flow better down the drain area. Minimizing the possibility of leakage and mold,…

high quality composite plastic gutter

Advantages of composite plastic gutters

Durable and won’t corrode or leak water:

Product made of polyester resin + fiberglass reinforced with additives. Helps improve durability many times, resists cracking and distortion.

Variety of sizes and colors:

Red, blue, gray,…can be customized according to user wishes. Composite plastic gutters help the amount of standing water on the roof to collect and flow to the correct drainage position quickly. No clogging or leaking of water to moisten the wall.

Environmentally friendly product:

When using composite plastic gutters, you will save a lot of money. Installation and commissioning time. Because of its light weight, the product moves easily. No need to use multiple devices.

Uses of composite gutters

To save investment costs, many people choose to use tile roof gutters, corrugated iron or stainless steel gutters as a temporary solution to complete the project. . However, these materials do not provide long-term sustainability. There is no good penetration resistance for the house wall.

Over a short period of time, these materials will change rapidly. Easy to stain, easy to be corroded by rain water. And interfere with the quality of houses, factories….

sản phẩm máng xối nhựa composite

Therefore, with the safety of use as the top priority, GREEN BM plastic gutters have overcome the disadvantages.

In terms of durability from materials to operation, composite plastic gutters are much better. Anti-heat, warm, noise-proof, suitable for all types of weather and space.

Promotes the ability to withstand many types of great pressure. Limit dust and acid corrosion from rain water.

So, rainwater collectors made of composite plastic are very suitable for constructions that need high strength. Reduced transportation, installation and processing time compared to other products. Perfection design, shaping. Sustainability and quality of the product is the use that any project needs today.

Supplier, construction of composite plastic gutters

Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) is one of the market leaders. Specializing in providing high-grade gutters from composite plastic with reasonable price to customers nationwide.

Our products are guaranteed with 3 outstanding criteria: Highly durable materials, advanced production technology, product quality with many super features priority work.

We are constantly expanding the market to bring quality products at good prices. Provide a comprehensive solution for building gutters. Limit the risk of water leakage affecting the quality of the project. And bring peace of mind to homeowners.

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Green Plastic Tiles (GREEN BM) carries with it the mission of providing high quality products. Safe for users and friendly for the environment.

In it, PVC gutter is our favorite product I invest my heart in developing, the best-selling product. In addition, customers want to buy composite plastic gutter, our company will provide on request. Customers please order from 2 in advance up to 3 days at the unit.

Shopping product quality, shipping supported. Get preferential prices and warranty policies, commitment to credibility, transparency. Please contact us immediately to receive 24/7 advice, with the most dedicated support.

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