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Choose feng shui skylight roofing materials

Fairy roofing materials suitable for feng shui is one of the issues that homeowners are particularly concerned about in recent times. Although it is only a small scene in the house, the skylight is a very important detail in terms of architecture and feng shui in every home. When choosing materials that match feng shui with the owner. All problems about work, health, money, … are very favorable. If you are not sure what material to choose for this position in your home. Then follow this article for the most specific advice.

Why should you choose feng shui skylight roofing materials?

The skylight is even a small detail in the house. But it plays a very important role in the architecture of the house. This part contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the house. Makes the house much more airy. In particular, if you choose the right feng shui materials for the homeowner, good luck will always come to the house.

On the contrary, if you choose a roofing sheet that is not suitable for feng shui, instead of a place where nature and living space harmonize. The skylight will become blocked and lose the prosperity in the house.

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How to choose the most suitable skylight location

Skylights are often placed by architects in places such as stairs, kitchen, center of the house or dining room. However, the skylight is most often placed on the stairs because this position is the place where the floors are connected. The design of the skylight here will help ventilate the whole house and bring in light.

It should be noted that skylights are a place to ventilate and provide natural light for the whole house, so you should avoid placing skylights in places like doors. in and out would be unreasonable and very wasteful. You should put the skylight in the position as far back of the house as possible to take advantage of the light source and natural air source.

At the skylight, you can decorate some miniatures such as leaves, flowers, vines,… to make your house more attractive. America. Or you can choose a rockery, an aquarium, or a fortune tree to match the feng shui of the house.

Choose the details that you feel most like and don’t forget about your feng shui. Only then can your family fully receive the light, natural air and ensure that prosperity always appears where you live.

>>>Reference: Lighting roof for the kitchen< /p>

How to choose skylight roofing materials

Skylights are used to increase the lighting capacity of the house and bring air to the environment. However, the skylight is the location where rainwater is most likely to infiltrate your house. Therefore, you need to use quality skylight roofing materials and at the same time be suitable for feng shui.

The roofing you use can be made of glass, plastic or metal,… It depends on your family’s preferences and feng shui. In the design of skylights, the most commonly used material is polycarbonate sheet. This is the most prominent product line used to roof skylights in recent years.

Some of the advantages of polycarbonate sheets that make them so popular are because:

  • Effective insulation and heat resistance.
  • Protecting against UV rays helps ensure human health.
  • Noise resistance up to 60dB.
  • Effectively waterproof, leakproof.
  • Light weight so easy to install.
  • Light penetration is up to 92%, so it can take advantage of natural light without the need for electrical energy.< /li>
  • Easy to shape as heat, cold, or hand curl.
  • Easily cut with special machines or scissors.
  • The product price is extremely affordable.
  • Product life up to 30 years.
  • Good bearing capacity, so it can withstand harsh weather such as storms, thunderstorms, wind, rain,. ..

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Notes when installing polycarbonate panels for skylight

When installing polycarbonate roofing sheets for skylights, you should note the following:

  • It is necessary to install according to the instructions for the roofing sheet to fully utilize its features.
  • It is necessary to tightly fix the roofing sheet to prevent leakage and water infiltration.
  • Need to move gently, avoid pulling hard or rubbing which leads to scratches and unsightly.
  • The product is self-cleaning. But you also need regular cleaning to get maximum light.


The above is some information about feng shui skylight roofing materials that we would like to introduce to you. Hopefully from this information, you can find the most suitable material for yourself.

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