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cong trinh nha choi san vuon ca mau

The Southwest has a sunny and rainy climate, so roofing is the best and most modern solution to help replace traditional roofs. The scorching sun in the Southwest region will become softer when using PVC/ASA roof tiles (cooling from 6-8 degrees Celsius). At the same time, with weather or heavy rain, the roof has very good sound insulation and noise reduction (like that of coconut leaves).

Công Trình Nhà Chòi Sân Vườn - Cà Mau

The accessories are designed and continuously modified to suit the architecture of houses in the Southwest region in particular and residential houses in Vietnam in general. This is the most advanced type of Tile available today that can be applied to all positions on the roof to help the roof anti-leakage and extremely good waterproofing.

Công Trình Nhà Chòi Sân Vườn - Cà Mau

Construction time is 5 hours from the start. Thus, it only takes a very short time to make a roof with PVC/ASA Tile, and at the same time, the roof still retains its aesthetics and durability over time.

Công Trình Nhà Chòi Sân Vườn - Cà Mau

The distance of purlins for roofing according to the manufacturer’s standard is from 660mm to 800mm (from 66cm to 80cm) is the most suitable. When roofing, you can safely walk on the PVC/ASA roof of Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) because the roof has very good rigidity and bearing capacity.

Công Trình Nhà Chòi Sân Vườn - Cà Mau

Advantages of plastic tiles.

* Plastic tile helps reduce noise up to 80% when it rains heavily.

* Very good waterproof and leakproof.

* PVC / ASA Plastic Roofing Tiles resist corrosion of salt water vapor, chemicals.

* PVC/ASA Plastic Tile for fast and low cost construction (up to 50% reduction in roofing costs).

* Helps the building to lower the temperature from 6-8 degrees Celsius, very good insulation, can completely replace the traditional roofing sheet.

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Công Trình Nhà Chòi Sân Vườn - Cà Mau



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