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Buy corrugated plastic corrugated iron roof tiles

Plastic corrugated iron tile in recent times has not shown any signs of cooling down. Selected by many establishments as a business product, and at the same time many customers choose to use this item for architectural works. Let’s find out with GREEN BM why corrugated plastic corrugated iron is attracting a lot of attention and all relevant issues right in the article below!

Plastic imitation tile

What is corrugated iron tile? This type of corrugated iron, also known as corrugated iron, is often used for buildings, villa architecture, multi-storey roofs with large slopes. Corrugated plastic roofing sheets have been a current trend, both to help houses avoid heat and heat, and at the same time maintain aesthetics.

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To better serve the needs of each customer corrugated iron tile is divided into many different colors, sizes and classifications.

Advantages of corrugated plastic tiles

Plastic corrugated roofing sheets are favored and trusted by most customers because of the following outstanding advantages: 

Effective anti-corrosion, impact resistance

Manufactured by PVC material with high quality, hardness and especially not corroded by acids. If the process of using, moving from low to high, there is a collision, it will not affect the corrugated iron corrugated iron tile. Extremely good endurance.

Heatproof, soundproof 

Like the above resistance to corrosion and impact, PVC plastic also has good heat resistance, heat resistance and sound insulation. In addition, in seasons with severe weather, roofing sheets also help reduce the feeling of heat, creating a comfortable and cool space.


During the construction of large projects, corrugated plastic corrugated iron is used. Helps save a lot of effort, cost, and transportation time. Because of the light weight of corrugated iron, it is easy to move from low to high. However, customers do not worry about the problem of high winds speeding up the roof, the plastic corrugated iron will be stable on the roof and not affected when it is stormy.


PVC corrugated iron has a lifespan of up to 30 years. The product does not fade color and avoids aging with time. With a glossy surface, the corrugated iron does not absorb dust and can also wash away rainwater by itself, without remaining on the roof.

Abrasion resistant by chemicals

The advantage of plastic roof tiles when compared to metal tiles is the limitation of abrasion. Substances such as alkalis, acids, salts or oxidation by steam, etc. will not affect PVC tiles.


On the market to serve the needs of different customers. The sheet is divided into many different colors and sizes. Suitable for the feng shui of each family.


In particular, PVC tiles are environmentally friendly. In fact, 100% of the fake plastic corrugated iron is recyclable. At the same time, the product is made from materials that are extremely safe for human health. Therefore, plastic tiles are popular and trusted for use in daily life and production today.

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Price of corrugated plastic roofing

How much does it cost to fake plastic corrugated iron? PVC / ASA roof tiles help works to overcome the phenomenon of water seepage and leakage. In particular, the phenomenon of water seepage from the gap between the two roofs is also eliminated. The product has a V-shaped shape, diverse colors, colorfastness and high aesthetics. Now on sale at GREEN BM with reasonable and suitable prices.

For a specific and detailed quote on fake plastic corrugated iron, contact GREEN BM for detailed advice and selection

Where to buy cheap corrugated plastic corrugated iron and tile

Currently, there are many businesses dealing in corrugated plastic corrugated iron and tile. But in terms of prestige and product quality assurance, it is impossible to ignore the GREEN BM enterprise, which always operates on the principles of Transparency – Prestige – Loyalty. Bring the best products to customers.


Plastic corrugated iron tiles bring architectural works not only in terms of durability and insulation, but also bring high aesthetics to your home. Don’t forget to contact GREEN BM for dedicated consulting support.

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