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ASA/PVC composite tile

Product Introduction of ASA/PVC Tiles

ASA/PVC composite tile is made of Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate and Polyvinyl Chloride combined through extrusion technology.

The successful development of this product offers a more convenient and efficient alternative to premium roofing materials. The structure adds a new element to the building in the style of antiquity, western and modern Europe. This product has been widely used in roof decoration of various kinds of permanent buildings, especially suitable for flat roof conversion projects and high-grade workshops.

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Product Features ASA/PVC Composite Tile

  1. Excellent anti-corrosion performance

The synthetic resin has excellent anti-corrosion performance, which can resist the corrosion of acids, alkalis, salts and other chemical substances for a long time. Testing has proven that the synthetic resin retains its shape and color after 24 hours of immersion in all kinds of acids, alkalis and salts.

  1. Fireproof

Synthetic resin tile belongs to fireproof material, by test passed the national authoritative department according to GB8624-2012 standard, fire performance B1.

  1. Anti-fading

The synthetic resin tile is made of imported ultra-high weatherproof engineering plastic. In the natural environment, it has extraordinary durability and is still able to maintain color stability even under long-term exposure to extreme conditions of ultraviolet rays, humidity, heat and cold. According to usage results from outdoor area  shows 10 years color change is certain.

  1. Excellent insulation

The thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tile is 0.325W/mK. Therefore, the insulation of the plastic composite brick can still reach the best level even if the layer is not considered.

  1. Excellent water resistance

It is impermeable to water because ASA/PVC composite roof tiles are made from excellent weatherproof, high density and waterproof plastic. ASA/PVC composite roof tiles have better waterproof performance than traditional tiles because of the large size of the single sheet and less joints of the roof.

  1. Good pressure prevention and low temperature resistance

ASA/PVC composite roof tiles have good performance in impact resistance. It is approved by testers. There are no cracks after being shocked by a 1kg metal ball dropped from a height of 2 meters. It has the same performance under low temperature conditions.

  1. Insulation

ASA/PVC composite roof tiles have good sound insulation effect even in stormy and windy situations.

  1. Insulation

ASA/PVC composite roof tiles with insulating properties. It takes no damage if hit by lightning.

  1. Infection resistance

ASA/PVC composite roof tiles are hard to catch dust. So dust cannot be accumulated and look like new after rain.

  1. Stable structure

The expansion coefficient of ASA/PVC composite roof tiles is 4.93 * 10 -5 m/m. Its structure is stable because it can be extended in two ways that help resist transformation even with very large temperature changes.

  1. Easy installation

ASA/PVC composite roofing tiles have effective widths from 960mm to 1000mm with light weight and high pavement efficiency. It is very easy to mount and unload.

  1. Eco-friendly

The ASA/PVC composite roof tile does not contain asbestos and radioactive components, is recyclable and conforms to the requirements of the green environment.

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