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Advice and guidance of green plastic tiles

Welcome readers to the CONSULTATION AND INSTRUCTIONS CATEGORIES OF Green Plastic Tiles (GREEN BM) – a product line of premium building materials, guaranteed Environmental protection is registered for protection and exclusive distribution of Green Materials Import-Export Investment Joint Stock Company.

Through this category, we would like to share with you useful information, helping you to quickly access the product line High-grade PVC/ASA plastic sheeting, quickly get acquainted and decide to cooperate with Green Materials Import-Export Investment Joint Stock Company and some other necessary information:

1 – CONSTRUCTION INSTRUCTIONS – Articles, illustrations, actual Video Clips will help for contractors, construction units, building materials shops to quickly and accurately grasp the operations and construction techniques for high-grade PVC/ASA plastic corrugated iron.

We affirm that the construction of high-grade PVC/ASA plastic corrugated iron and tile products is easy, fast, but also very safe, saving time and money. labor costs, bringing you and the Investor a perfect, beautiful and sustainable project.

2 – PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS – No need to call our company office directly, You can learn about the Process – Procedure for purchasing Green Plastic Tiles (GREEN BM) very detailed, clear and easy to understand. We are always ready to receive feedback from you so that we can give you more in-depth and detailed advice via phone or communication channels on social networks such as Zalo, Messenger.

3 – SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS – The transportation of goods is very simple and easy. However, for small carriages, long transport distances always arise many difficulties, requiring special attention. With our knowledge and experience in supporting customers, we hope to be able to share with our partners and customers solutions to make transportation easy, safe and efficient.

4 – RETURN POLICY – Unlike traditional Tile products, Plastic Tile products High-grade PVC/ASA is manufactured to perfection right from the factory according to standards. Therefore, some Distributors / Resellers who import inventory are very concerned about the handling of “excess cuts”, not knowing if they can be returned or not. With the RETURN POLICY of Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM), you will always feel secure and satisfied.

5 – AGENT POLICY – We are promoting the development of a nationwide product distribution network. Therefore, the Distributor / Dealer Policy has been fully developed, clear, consistent, protects and best supports potential Distribution Partners. We hope that the Distributor / Dealer Policy will help you quickly make a decision to cooperate and conquer the market with us.

Thank you very much for your attention. Wishing you and your family Good Health – Happiness and Success.

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