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3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron, beautiful quality model corrugated iron

3-layer heat-resistant foam sheet is manufactured using modern technology, achieving the most rigorous quality testing. The product brings many essential uses, supporting construction works to achieve good quality in terms of heat resistance after completion. 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron is widely consumed on the market today. If you intend to invest in using this product for your home, you need to know the following information.

Tôn chống nóng 3 lớp

What is 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron?

3-layer corrugated iron is a well-known building material. Used a lot for today’s large and small construction projects. The product has good effects in heat resistance, heat insulation, noise resistance and high sound insulation.

Construction of 3-layer insulated corrugated iron

3 layers of heat-resistant corrugated iron with a standard thickness of 0.40mm. High flexibility building material combined with PU, is divided into 3 specific classes:

First class:

With a thickness of 0.4mmmm, the corrugated iron layer has the most solid foundation of the 3 layers. The foundation layer is more solid. More resistant to the effects of the environment. This is the point that makes the difference between 3-layer sunscreen and other normal types of corrugated iron.

Second class:

The position of the second layer in the middle is made of very good soundproof and heat-insulating PU material. At the same time, the ability to leak-proof and waterproof is also superior. This material is very user-friendly. No harm to the environment. Should be researched by manufacturers to include in the composition of current green building materials.

Third class:

The foil layer is in the third position, with good anti-radiation and penetrating properties. Modern and luxurious pattern design on paper. Create a special highlight with high aesthetics. This is also the reason why so many people love to use this product.

Customers when buying 3-layer insulated corrugated iron, can rely on this criterion to evaluate product quality. At the same time, compare the real product with the fake to avoid confusion. Or lose money when buying cheap floating insulation corrugated iron products today.

Tôn xốp chống nóng có cấu tạo gồm 3 lớp

Technical data sheet of 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron

Materials Thickness (mm) Color Porous density
First layer (background) Ton Dong A 0.40 According to the color palette of Dong A corrugated iron
Second layer (middle layer) PU foam – 6 waves

Sound wave: 18

Positive wave: 43



– 11 waves

Sound wave: 18

Positive wave: 36


Pu layer has a density of 32.75 kg/m3
Third class Banknotes 0.06 (+-2) Iridescent silver foil

Classification of 3-layer insulation corrugated iron

The situation of building materials such as 3-layer insulating corrugated iron / 3-layer pu corrugated iron faked by big brands is rampant. If you do not have professional knowledge, customers who come into contact with the product for the first time are very likely to buy the wrong product.

Please study a little knowledge of classification of 3-layer insulation, giving you more experience in choosing the best genuine product at the best price. Currently, 3 layers of insulation corrugated iron, there are 3 most popular models.

Three layers of 5 wave insulation:

The characteristic of this type of corrugated iron is that it has a characteristic 5-wave structure, mainly used for large industrial projects. With 5 waves, the product has good stability and durability, withstands high environmental impacts.

3-layer 6-wave insulation corrugated iron

Insulation sheet 3 layer 6 wave will need to add a small wave between the previous large waves. This will help the 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron roof structure to be more stable. Therefore, it is also highly appreciated as a suitable product for industrial constructions.

3-layer 11-wave insulation corrugated iron

This 3-layer corrugated iron is mainly used in civil works with more waves. Therefore, its durability and stability are also higher.

Advantages and applications of 3-layer corrugated iron

Insulation cold corrugated iron possesses the following advantages:

  • The ability to insulate and resist the heat of high-temperature climates like Vietnam.
  • Supports soundproofing and noise reduction as well as limiting loud sounds caused by good rain. And soundproofing for efficient construction.
  • Especially the fire resistance protects you for a safe time from 1 to 2 hours.
  • Use life up to 40 years.
  • No need to prepare additional wooden floors, save costs and installation work.
  • Three-layer roofing corrugated ironensures firmness, rigidity and is not damaged by wind and rain. .
  • Easy to carry out transport with electric forklift weighing 1.5kg. Or equip with plastic or wooden pallets when used to line them when transporting to avoid distortion.
  • Using 3-layer insulated corrugated iron to construct clean rooms in accordance with GMP standards is completely suitable.
  • Durable and highly aesthetic, suitable for many civil and industrial projects.
  • Save costs on using air conditioners, heat-resistant exhaust fans when it’s hot.

Giá tôn cách nhiệt PU 3 lớp mới nhất

Application of 3 layers of insulated corrugated iron

The 3-layer heat-resistant pu corrugated iron roof is not as picky as you think it is. On the contrary, this material can promote the role of sunshade, rain, and heat resistance.

Corrugated with foam insulation has diverse applications such as: Roofing, ceiling closure, partition, rolling door, cold-resistant corrugated iron hot. As a cover for many electrical equipment or cold corrugated iron are suitable.

How much is the price list of 3 layers of heat-resistant corrugated iron?

The current 3-layer insulated corrugated iron price is interested by many customers when preparing for construction of different projects? The reference price sold on the market for 3-layer pu-insulated corrugated iron 3 layers ranges from VND 164,000 to VND 196,000. However, how much  how much does 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron cost can also be different between selling agents. And depending on the customer’s request to set a specific price.

To know more about the most detailed price of 3-layer corrugated iron, please contact Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) via Hotline: 0943.759.119 to receive a quotation for 3-layer cold-resistant steel sheet. appropriate to the construction scale.

Address of supply and construction of 3-layer heat-resistant pu corrugated iron

Reputable supplier of 3-layer heat-resistant foam corrugated iron

It is not too difficult for us to find a unit that sells 3-layer PU corrugated iron today. The problem of finding a reputable place to sell cheap is the biggest obstacle, when there are too many names to choose from.

Now, you can rest assured that you can shop at the right place, at the right price. Commitment to quality with warranty policy. Support fast shipping to give trust when finding the unit.

Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) specializes in providing construction materials to consumers. Meet the demand for advanced technology building material product lines.

With many years of experience in the industry, we understand the needs of each customer. Stay up to date with construction trends. Choose the best building materials to please the gods.

Operating with the criterion of constant effort, improving product quality higher and higher. Join hands to protect customer projects more sustainably. This is the guideline we are aiming for.

With a product line of 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron when purchased at our company. You will receive advice from industry experts and the support of dedicated staff.

We offer 3-layer corrugated iron products with diverse designs in colors and shapes. Committed quality is produced from the most modern production lines. Always apply reasonable savings rates to all customers.

Accept custom orders. You need to contact us for design consultation, quotation of 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron, then we will proceed as requested. bridge.

selling genuine 3-layer heat-resistant steel

Address of construction of 3-layer insulated corrugated iron

Supply and construction of 3-layer insulated corrugated iron for projects. Depending on each project, we will discuss and advise customers to choose good, durable and cost-effective materials.

Industrial construction projects with high requirements for technical expertise. Cost optimization. Often supervise construction, see the status of the project in progress. Ensure the implementation schedule is in accordance with the agreement signed by the two parties without interrupting the construction process.


If you have any questions about 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron products. Do not hesitate to contact us for 24/7 consultation. Express same-day delivery for customers in HCMC area.

For provincial customers, the delivery time will be up to 2 days. 10-year product warranty policy, along with a return policy due to manufacturer defects, scratched products. Customers can rest assured that all your rights are guaranteed. Receive supply, design hot corrugated iron according to customer requirements.

Company Green Plastic Tiles (GREEN BM) always strives to improve services and improve quality product phumid. For more information, please contact the information below:

Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company

Address: 1605/1A National Highway 1A, An Phu Dong Ward, District 12, HCMC

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