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Which type of light should I choose?

Which is the best kind of plastic corrugated iron today. This is a question many homeowners ask us. Because in recent years there are so many products offered from different brands. Consumers do not seem to fully understand the products and they are confused. In choosing products for your project. If you are also wondering which highlighter product to choose. Then follow this article to get the answer.

What is plastic corrugated iron?

Light corrugated iron is a type of roofing corrugated iron made from plastic and mainly from Composite plastic and Polycarbonate plastic. This type of corrugated iron helps homeowners get natural light sources, thereby saving energy. In addition, this product is extremely edible as it is completely non-conductive. They are well suited for constructions where the use of conductive materials is not permitted. At the same time, this type of plastic corrugated iron is also very aesthetic, so it is installed to increase the beauty of the house.

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Which kind of plastic corrugated iron is good?

Currently, there are 2 types of light-emitting plastic corrugated iron on the market, which are Polycarbonate corrugated iron and Composite light corrugated iron. Basically, these two types of corrugated iron have very outstanding advantages. However, they are still different. Let’s keep an eye on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of corrugated iron.

Composite light-filled plastic sheeting

This type of corrugated iron is currently very popular because of the advantages that they bring. The product is made up of a combination of pure composite resin and glass fiber and other additives. Due to being manufactured from the most modern technology today – diaphragm technology, these plastic panels have very high durability and aesthetics.

Products have two types: Square wave and circular wave. Basically, these two types have the same features. However, in terms of aesthetics, you can choose the products that best suit the design of the project.

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The outstanding advantages of composite plastic sheeting

  • The ability to catch light and get light is very good. Can be up to 92%, so you can take advantage of almost absolute natural light.
  • Due to its ability to catch light well, it saves a lot of electricity for homeowners.
  • The bearing capacity is 20 times greater than ordinary glass. Therefore, they can withstand extreme weather conditions very well.
  • The soundproofing ability is up to 40dB, so on rainy days you can completely not worry about being bothered by the sound of rain.
  • The ability to self-clean is very good, limiting costs such as maintenance and repair for homeowners.
  • Has the ability to bend and cut very flexibly, convenient for construction, installation and shaping.
  • Durability and lifespan up to several decades.

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Which type of plastic sheet is good for light: Polycarbonate corrugated iron

This type of corrugated iron is made of pure Polycarbonate resin with other additives. This type of corrugated iron has transparent form with round wave, square wave, solid form and hollow form. In particular, their low cost and application in both industrial and civil works make them very popular.

Outstanding advantages of light plastic sheet Polycarbonate

  • The ability to take in natural light is up to 98%, almost absolute, higher than composite corrugated iron but not significantly.
  • 240 times stronger than ordinary glass.
  • UV resistance up to 90%, creating a safe environment for people and pets even in hot weather.
  • The ability of sound insulation, heat resistance, heat resistance, noise resistance, fire resistance,… are all superior to other products.
  • It’s much lighter than glass, so it’s easy to install and transport.
  • Easy to bend or cut.
  • Life expectancy up to 30-40 years.
  • The cleaning ability is also very good, all kinds of dirt and garbage can wash away after a rain.

Basically, Polycarbonate corrugated iron will have better features than Composite corrugated iron. However, the cost of Polycarbonate  is more expensive. Therefore, if your project does not require too high of features such as heat resistance, bearing capacity, noise resistance, … then you can use Composite plastic sheet.


Above is all the latest information about the best plastic corrugated iron today. Hopefully with this useful information. You can choose for yourself the most suitable products. With his pocket money and works.

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