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Which type of heat-resistant corrugated iron is good? Types of popular insulating corrugated iron today

Vietnam is influenced by a hot and humid subtropical climate, especially year-round heat in the southern region. Summer will be a nightmare for houses using corrugated iron roofs. One of the most popular heat-resistant methods on the market today is the use of corrugated iron. With the benefits that this method brings, insulating corrugated iron becomes the optimal choice of many families in the face of hot climates and hot weather with its ability to resist heat and soundproof effectively and efficiently for users. In addition, the heat-resistant foam corrugated iron is also highly aesthetic, bringing luxury to your home.

What is heat-resistant corrugated iron?

Heat-resistant corrugated iron is a specialized material for roofing, with a corrugated structure, usually laminated with an additional layer of PU underneath the insulating corrugated sheet to minimize the heat. the heat absorption of the roof part, helping to keep the indoor temperature stable.

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In addition, the outer insulation board has the function of ensuring that you and your family are not affected by harmful UV rays, which are harmful to health, besides the production line continuously innovated, changed in the direction of improving product quality, lowering prices to compete. Heat-resistant corrugated iron is one of the most popular types of corrugated iron today, often used in houses, factories, warehouses, prefabricated roofs,… So how much does heat-resistant corrugated iron cost? Which is the best and most used anti-heat today? Please follow the article below of to get your questions answered.

The most popular types of heat-resistant corrugated iron today

On the market in general and at GREEN BM in particular, provide many different types of heat-resistant corrugated iron to best meet the needs of consumers. Here are some common types of corrugated iron:

Corrugated corrugated iron 

Corrugated iron is often used to make roofing sheets for residential houses as well as industrial workshops, warehouses, construction sites, and warehouses. Currently, this is a convenient and preferred product of people as well as industrial park factories with a large roofing area to meet good heat and sound insulation. Corrugated corrugated iron is a heat-resistant, noise-proof corrugated iron that is very diverse in design and has many types such as 6 waves, 9 waves, 11 waves,…

Imitation roof tile

Imitation tile is considered the best heat-resistant product on the market today. In the group of 3-layer insulated corrugated iron, the more special corrugated iron is adding a layer of foil underneath to increase aesthetics as well as reduce heat absorption.

Imitation tile insulation is the best insulation suitable for houses with traditional architecture. Aesthetics are mainly based on the color criteria of the roofing sheet. So, choose the color of the heat-insulating corrugated iron tile to match the overall look of the house or consider the feng shui factor to bring luck and fortune to the family.

Fireproof insulation sheet 

Fireproof insulated corrugated iron is a specialized product line used for roofing projects of villas, high-class offices, cold storages, warehouses, factories. there is a need for heat insulation, anti-noise and especially a need for construction fire prevention.

The special feature of the fireproof corrugated iron line is that there is a layer of fireproof corrugated iron instead of the aluminum film on the underside of the roof sheet to prevent fires from occurring. in many situations of uncertainty. With non-flammable properties through PU insulation, heat insulation, heat resistance, and noise resistance are perfect for the building.

Thus, each line of insulating foam corrugated iron has preeminent features and is suitable for different types of construction. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, you should consider choosing the best type of insulation and best suited for your home.

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Quotation of heat resistant corrugated iron

At GREEN BM specializes in providing genuine and reputable building materials. Applying advanced processes in the production of products, at the same time reasonable prices, protect the environment from pollution. Bringing absolute satisfaction to customers with products of the highest quality and satisfaction. In which, GREEN BM provides 7 wave PVC/ASA tiles with effective heat resistance. Please contact us for a detailed quote.


Hopefully, with this article, you will be able to choose for yourself good insulating corrugated iron, suitable for your style, architecture as well as the overall characteristics of your house. Friend. To buy quality and cheap corrugated iron, especially in the market in Ho Chi Minh City, there are many suppliers with different quality and prices. Come to GREEN BM for for advice< /a> as well as learn more about heat resistant corrugated iron, 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron is different.

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